Which Frisco RoughRiders Alumni Made It to the Major Leagues?


The Frisco RoughRiders have a strong tradition of developing talented players who go on to achieve success in Major League Baseball. Many notable players have started their careers with the RoughRiders before making significant impacts at the highest level of the sport. In this post, we will spotlight some of the most successful alumni who have graduated from the RoughRiders to the Major Leagues, highlighting their achievements and the role the RoughRiders played in their development. 

Notable RoughRiders Alumni

Since their inception in 2003, the Frisco RoughRiders have seen over 130 players advance to Major League Baseball, including stars like Chris Davis, Adrian Gonzalez, and Ian Kinsler. These players are part of a distinguished group of notable alumni who’ve made significant impacts in the Major Leagues.

Chris Davis, known for his powerful hitting, began his journey with the RoughRiders before becoming a household name in the MLB. Adrian Gonzalez, another RoughRiders alum, went on to have a stellar career, showcasing his skills as a first baseman. Ian Kinsler, who boasts the highest career WAR of 54.1 among former RoughRiders, exemplifies the talent developed in Frisco.

Other alumni, such as Elvis Andrus and Kyle Hendricks, have also made their presence felt in the Major Leagues. Andrus, recognized for his defensive prowess, and Hendricks, noted for his pitching finesse, both started their careers in Frisco.

Rougned Odor, with his fiery playing style, further represents the RoughRiders’ ability to cultivate impactful MLB talent. The Frisco RoughRiders’ track record in developing future Major Leaguers is impressive, with these notable alumni standing as testaments to the team’s strong developmental program.

Path to the Big Leagues

The journey from playing for the Frisco RoughRiders to making an MLB debut exemplifies the rigorous training and development players undergo. As a Frisco RoughRiders player, you’re part of a system known for producing Major League talents. Remarkably, over 26.9% of all RoughRiders alumni have reached the major leagues, underscoring the quality of the program and the dedication of its players.

Pitchers and infielders, in particular, have found notable success, with 64.8% of former RoughRiders pitchers making their MLB debut. Notable names like Kyle Hendricks and Rougned Odor exemplify how RoughRiders alumni have seamlessly progressed to the big leagues, contributing significantly to their teams.

In 2014, a record 18 former Frisco RoughRiders players debuted in the MLB, highlighting the consistent development pipeline from Frisco to the majors. Since 2003, RoughRiders alumni have accounted for 3.9% of all MLB debutants, indicating a steady flow of talent.

Clearly, the path from Frisco to the major leagues is well-established and distinguished.

Impactful MLB Careers


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Many former Frisco RoughRiders have left a significant mark on Major League Baseball, showcasing exceptional talent and dedication. Ian Kinsler, an outstanding RoughRiders alumnus, enjoyed a remarkable 14-season MLB career with a career WAR of 55.2, earning two Gold Glove awards and solidifying his reputation as one of the top second basemen of his era.

Adrian Gonzalez, another standout, made his presence felt over 15 MLB seasons with 317 home runs and four Gold Glove awards, excelling both offensively and defensively.

Elvis Andrus, known for his consistency, played 12 MLB seasons, amassing over 1,700 hits and earning two All-Star selections, demonstrating his ability to perform at a high level year after year.

Kyle Hendricks established himself as a top pitcher with a career ERA of 3.61 and winning the 2016 MLB ERA title, becoming a cornerstone of the Chicago Cubs’ rotation.

John Danks, also a former RoughRider, pitched for 10 MLB seasons, recording 79 wins and contributing significantly to the Chicago White Sox rotation. These Frisco RoughRiders alumni have indeed enjoyed impactful MLB careers.

Rising Stars to Watch

As we celebrate the accomplishments of past stars, it’s equally exciting to spotlight rising talents like Justin Foscue making their mark in the Major Leagues. Foscue, a first-round pick by the Texas Rangers in 2020, made his MLB debut in 2024 after showcasing his impressive skills with the Frisco RoughRiders. His journey from Double-A to the Major Leagues highlights the effectiveness of the RoughRiders’ player development pipeline.

Joining Foscue in the 2024 MLB debut class are former RoughRiders Wyatt Langford and Justin Slaten. Langford, known for his powerful hitting, and Slaten, a promising pitcher, both made significant strides during their time in Double-A. Their progress to the Major Leagues underscores the RoughRiders’ commitment to nurturing talent.

These rising stars exemplify the RoughRiders’ ongoing legacy of developing promising players. Watching Foscue, Langford, and Slaten succeed at the highest level brings pride to the Frisco community and validates the team’s focus on producing future Major Leaguers. As they continue to shine, keep an eye on these names as they carve out their places in baseball history.

The RoughRiders’ player pipeline remains a crucial source of new talent for the Major Leagues.

RoughRiders’ Development Success

RoughRiders' Development Success

In 2014 alone, a record 18 former RoughRiders players transitioned to the MLB, demonstrating the franchise’s pivotal role in shaping future major leaguers.

The RoughRiders have particularly excelled in developing pitching talent. An impressive 64.8% of their alumni who reached the MLB were pitchers, reflecting the franchise’s commitment to nurturing essential aspects of the game. Overall, 26.9% of all players who wore the Frisco uniform eventually made it to the big leagues, indicating the team’s robust development system.

Additionally, since 2003, 3.9% of all MLB debutants have passed through Frisco, emphasizing the RoughRiders’ significant contribution to the Major Leagues. This consistent pipeline of talent showcases the RoughRiders’ dedication to cultivating players who can make a lasting impact at the highest level of baseball.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are the Frisco Roughriders Affiliated With?

The Frisco RoughRiders are the Double-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers. This partnership, established in 2003, plays a crucial role in developing players for the Rangers’ roster.

Are Frisco RoughRiders AA or AAA?

The Frisco RoughRiders are a Double-A (AA) team affiliated with the Texas Rangers. They play a crucial role in developing younger prospects who are closer to reaching the Major Leagues.

Why Are They Called the Frisco Roughriders?

They’re called the Frisco RoughRiders in honor of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders, symbolizing courage, determination, and a pioneering spirit. This name adds a unique historical touch, embodying the resilience and bravery inherent in American history.

What Level Are the Frisco Roughriders?

The Frisco RoughRiders compete at the Double-A level in Minor League Baseball. As an affiliate of the Texas Rangers, they play a crucial role in the development of players striving to reach the Major Leagues.


The journey of Frisco RoughRiders alumni to the Major Leagues showcases the team’s role in developing top-tier talent. These players have gone on to make significant impacts at the highest level of baseball, reflecting the strong foundation and support they received during their time with the RoughRiders. 

Celebrating their achievements not only honors their individual hard work and dedication but also highlights the RoughRiders’ contribution to the sport. Keep an eye on current and future players, as the next Major League stars might just be starting their careers with the RoughRiders.

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