Where is the Cast of the Dallas TV Show Today?


Spanning the better part of four decades, the prime-time soap opera “Dallas” became an iconic staple of American television history. The series, which cut a deep impression with its portrayal of the Ewing family’s oil empire, blended intricate tales of power, deception, and family rivalry against the backdrop of Texas’ sprawling landscapes. Its legacy includes memorable characters and television’s most notorious cliffhanger, the unresolved shooting of oil baron J.R. Ewing. In the wake of its conclusion, fans frequently ponder the fates of the show’s beloved characters and, by extension, those of the actors who brought them to life.

Several luminaries of the “Dallas” era are no longer with us. Larry Hagman, immortalized by his portrayal of the cunning J.R. Ewing, continued to embrace the role well into the 21st century until his passing in 2012 due to throat cancer. Similarly, Barbara Bel Geddes, known as Miss Ellie Ewing, the family matriarch, left a rich legacy in theater and Hollywood, including her work with Alfred Hitchcock, before lung cancer claimed her life. The show’s far-reaching influence persisted through the talents of Ken Kercheval and Howard Keel—both Broadway stars in their own right. Their contributions to the drama extended into the series’ entire original run, leaving a persistent imprint on its panoramic narrative.

Patrick Duffy’s Career and Personal Milestones

Duffy with Linda Gray at the 2013 Monte-Carlo Television Festival
Duffy with Linda Gray at the 2013 Monte-Carlo Television Festival – FrantogianPatrick Duffy & Linda Gray – Monte-Carlo Television FestivalCC BY-SA 3.0

Celebrating a Milestone Age

Patrick Duffy, recognized for his portrayal of Bobby Ewing on the television classic “Dallas,” stands out as an iconic figure in American television history. He captured the audience’s attention as J.R. Ewing’s younger brother and continued his television success with his role as Frank Lambert in the family sitcom “Step by Step.” Duffy teamed up with the esteemed Suzanne Somers on this show, adding to his list of memorable characters.

Branching back into the soap opera world in the 2000s, Duffy took on the role of Stephen Logan in “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and in a delightful turn of events, reprised his role in 2022, sharing the screen with his real-life partner, Linda Purl.

Off-screen, Duffy’s life shared a poignant chapter with his late wife, Carlyn Rosser, to whom he was married for over four decades. With her passing in 2017, Duffy experienced a personal loss away from the public eye.

Aside from acting, Duffy has ventured into an unexpected business: baking. He markets dehydrated sourdough starter kits via his enterprise, Duffy’s Dough, appealing to culinary enthusiasts with a penchant for homemade bread.

In a nostalgic reunion, Duffy celebrated his 75th birthday at ’90s Con, joining forces with his former “Step by Step” colleagues, reminiscing on past acting endeavors and shared screen time.

Linda Gray (Sue Ellen Ewing)

Making its debut at the Lincoln Center venue, The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection Fashion Show unveiled its 2011
Linda Gray – Lincoln Center venue, The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection Fashion Show 2011

Career After “Dallas”

Linda Gray, celebrated for her iconic role as Sue Ellen Ewing on “Dallas,” has broadened her career with a variety of performances beyond the renowned series. Notably, Gray graced the stage in London, showcasing her talent in “The Graduate.” Her expertise transcended to television with guest appearances on “Melrose Place” and capturing hearts in several Hallmark Channel movies. Gray also explored the British television scene by joining the cast of the soap “Hollyoaks.” More recently, she embraced the role of Lauren Ewing in a festive feature titled “Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas.”

Steve Kanaly (Ray Krebbs)

Post-Dallas Career

  • Ray Krebbs’ portrayal: Actor Steve Kanaly
  • Subsequent soap opera role: Seabone Hunkle on ‘All My Children’
  • Transition to art: Became a watercolor painter
  • Residence: Ranch in California
  • Last acting credit: ‘DeVanity’ episode in 2014
  • ‘Dallas’ legacy: Participated in the franchise’s TV movie and series revival

Victoria Principal (Pamela Barnes)

Principal with President Ronald Reagan in 1986
Principal with President Ronald Reagan in 1986

Career Evolution

Victoria Principal, widely recognized for her portrayal of Pamela Barnes Ewing on the iconic TV series “Dallas,” departed from the drama in 1987 due to her concerns over the diminishing quality of the show. Following her exit, Principal took control of her career by establishing a production company while also making appearances in other television series, such as “Home Improvement” and “Just Shoot Me!”

Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Stepping back from the entertainment industry in recent times, Principal has concentrated her energies on developing her skincare brand, Principal Secret. Additionally, she has shared her expertise on personal wellness by authoring books on health and wellness, expanding her influence beyond the realm of television.

Charlene Tilton (Lucy Ewing)

Career at Age 65

  • Television Debut: Joined the cast of Dallas as a teenager.
  • Film Appearances: Starred in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star and Lucky Dog, Heaven Sent among others.
  • Early Television Roles: Appeared in Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley.
  • Current Work: Primarily featured in Hallmark Channel movies.
  • Personal Reflections: Cherished her relationship with Larry Hagman, her on-screen father figure, and felt a profound loss upon his passing.

Priscilla Presley (Jenna Wade later Krebbs)

Designation of Graceland mansion as a National Historic Landmark in 2006
Designation of Graceland mansion as a National Historic Landmark in 2006

Brief Career Overview

  • Acting Credits: Notable for her roles in the Naked Gun film series.
  • Television Appearances: Featured in TV series such as Spin City and Touched by an Angel.
  • Recent Endeavors: Shifted focus to commemorating Elvis Presley’s legacy through projects like the animated series Agent Elvis and biopic Priscilla.

Omri Katz (John Ross)

Career and Current Pursuits

  • Known for: Role as Max Dennison in “Hocus Pocus”
  • “Dallas”: Portrayed John Ross Ewing III as a child actor
  • Current activities:
    • Launched a cannabis business (2022)
    • Appearance: Attends fan events, like ’90s Con

Omri Katz, familiar to many for his childhood role on the hit show “Dallas,” later won hearts as Max Dennison in the cult classic “Hocus Pocus.” In recent years, he has stepped away from acting, diving into entrepreneurship with a cannabis venture in 2022 and engaging with fans at conventions like ’90s Con.

Joshua Harris (Christopher Ewing)

Career Path of a Child Star

  • Acting Credits: Gained fame as a young actor, with a notable role in the television series Dallas. Also appeared in Twin Peaks and Star Trek: The Next Generation, and acted in several television movies.
  • Sports Transition: Briefly played baseball with the Lansing Lugnuts, a minor league team affiliated with the Chicago Cubs.
  • Behind the Scenes: Transitioned to producing, initially working with New Wave Entertainment before establishing his own production company, 4th Wall Entertainment.

As his journey from a young actor to a sports enthusiast and then to a television producer unfolded, Harris shaped a diverse and intriguing career, weaving through various facets of entertainment and sports.

Interesting Facts About Dallas

Here are 20 facts about the show that you may not know!

  1. Original Run: “Dallas” originally aired from April 2, 1978, to May 3, 1991.
  2. Creator: The show was created by David Jacobs.
  3. Episodes: The series spans 14 seasons and 357 episodes.
  4. Setting: The show is set in Dallas, Texas, and primarily filmed at the Southfork Ranch in Parker, Texas.
  5. Southfork Ranch: Southfork Ranch, the Ewing family home, is a real ranch and is now a tourist attraction and event venue.
  6. Theme Music: The iconic theme music was composed by Jerrold Immel.
  7. Spin-Offs: “Dallas” spawned a spin-off series called “Knots Landing” in 1979, which focused on the lives of Gary and Valene Ewing in California.
  8. Revival Series: A revival of the series aired from 2012 to 2014, featuring both new characters and original cast members.
  9. Who Shot J.R.?: The “Who Shot J.R.?” storyline at the end of the second season became a global phenomenon, culminating in one of the most-watched television episodes in history.
  10. J.R. Ewing: Larry Hagman played the infamous J.R. Ewing, becoming one of television’s most iconic villains.
  11. Cultural Impact: The show had a significant cultural impact worldwide, being dubbed and broadcast in numerous countries.
  12. Ratings: At its peak, “Dallas” was one of the most-watched shows in the world.
  13. Awards: The show and its actors were nominated for and won several awards, including Emmys and Golden Globes.
  14. “Dream Season”: The ninth season is often referred to as the “Dream Season” after it was revealed that the entire season was a dream to bring back a character who had been killed off.
  15. First Episode: The first episode, titled “Digger’s Daughter”, aired as a pilot in 1978.
  16. Final Episode: The final episode of the original series was titled “Conundrum” and featured a reflective J.R. considering his life and choices.
  17. International Success: “Dallas” was particularly popular in Romania, where it is credited with contributing to the fall of communism by showcasing the opulence of Western life.
  18. Books and Merchandise: The show spawned a range of merchandise, including novels, games, and model kits of Southfork Ranch.
  19. Crossovers: Characters from “Dallas” occasionally appeared in “Knots Landing”, emphasizing their shared universe.
  20. Ewing Oil: The family business, Ewing Oil, was central to the show’s plots, highlighting the cutthroat nature of the oil industry and family dynamics.
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