What Are the Tallest Buildings in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex?


The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is a great example of North Texas’ urban growth and economic vitality. An ever-expanding population has driven the development of some of the tallest and most impressive structures in Texas. The architectural landscape of this metropolitan area showcases a blend of historical buildings and modern skyscrapers. The presence of these structures underscores the region’s status as an economic powerhouse.

As home to many high-rises exceeding 200 feet, the DFW skyline tells a story of a population and economy that continues to rise.

History of Skyscrapers in the Metroplex

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has a dynamic history of architectural growth, particularly in the realm of skyscrapers. In Dallas, it began in the 20th century, with many of its high-rises serving as nodes of commerce and energy.

In the 1980s, a construction boom elevated Dallas’s skyline. One iconic result was the Bank of America Plaza, which emerged in 1985 as the tallest skyscraper not only in Dallas but across the whole Metroplex, reaching a height of 921 feet. The building is recognized for its distinctive outline and reflective glass façade, representative of the era’s historical development in architectural design.

Fort Worth’s own skyscraper history charts a slightly different course, prioritizing less vertical exaggeration. The Burnett Plaza stands as its tallest structure since completion in 1983, striking a significant presence at 567 feet. Unlike Dallas, Fort Worth’s high-rises are characterized by their integration with the city’s historically preserved areas, showing a mix of modernity and tradition.

The Metroplex’s skyscrapers have turned into beacons of the region’s economic vitality. These towering edifices are symbols of the Metroplex’s continuous evolution in architecture and serve as hubs for various corporate activities, often linked to the influential energy sector.

The two cities harbor contrasting yet complementary skylines, each reflecting their unique cultural and economic narratives within the expansive Texas landscape.

Current Tallest Buildings

Bank of America Plaza at Night
Bank of America Plaza at Night

In the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, the skyline is dotted with impressive buildings that reach for the Texas sky. The Bank of America Plaza becomes the highlight of the night sky with its unique green argon lighting. Following closely to the Bank of America Plaza the Renaissance Tower. Not to be forgotten, the Reunion Tower adds to the city’s distinctive architectural profile.

BuildingHeight (ft)FloorsYear Completed
Bank of America Plaza921741985
Renaissance Tower886561974
Comerica Bank Tower787601987
JPMorgan Chase Tower738551987
Fountain Place720621986


Switching focus to Fort Worth, the Burnett Plaza emerges as Fort Worth’s tallest building. Not far behind is the Bank of America Tower, formerly known as D.R. Horton Tower. These buildings are significant contributors to Fort Worth’s growth and iconography.

Burnett Plaza and the skyline of Fort worth
Burnett Plaza and the skyline of Fort worth
BuildingHeight (ft)FloorsYear Completed
Burnett Plaza567401983
Bank of America Tower547381984
777 Main525401982
The Tower488371974 (original date)
Wells Fargo Tower477331982 (original date)

Architectural Styles and Trends

The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex showcases a diverse range of architectural styles, reflecting both its rich history and its dynamic growth. The area’s skyline is a testament to this diversity, with modern glass and steel structures coexisting with traditional designs that hint at Texas’s storied past.

Skyscrapers like the Fountain Place with its distinct angular features and the Renaissance Tower, famous for its twin X-bracing illuminated at night, inject a modern aesthetic into the skyline. These contemporary giants are inspirational examples of postmodernism, featuring sleek lines and reflective facades.

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