What Are the Most Famous Restaurants in Dallas?


In Dallas, the food scene thrives. Rich flavors and deep history mark it. El Fenix serves true Mexican tastes. Jimmy’s Food Store offers authentic Italian sandwiches. Kuby’s Sausage House presents classic German dishes. Keller’s Drive-In is American tradition at its best. Burger House’s burgers win awards for their secret seasoning salt. S&D Oyster Company gives seafood lovers a unique experience in a historical setting. For comfort food or upscale Mexican, try Norma’s Cafe and Javier’s Gourmet Mexicano. The culinary journey in Dallas is vast. There’s much more to discover.

Key Takeaways

  • El Fenix, since 1918, brings true Mexican tastes.
  • Since 1966, Jimmys Food Store serves real Italian food and wines.
  • Kubys Sausage House, born in 1961, delivers German flavors.
  • Kellers Drive-In, a classic for American meals since 1965.
  • Javiers Gourmet Mexicano, offering fine Mexican cuisine since 1977.
  • Campisi’s Egyptian Restaurant, historic Italian food since 1946.

El Fenix: A Dallas Staple

1601 McKinney Avenue (View)

El Fenix is a Dallas legend, captivating Tex-Mex fans since 1918. Located on McKinney Avenue, it’s a cornerstone for those seeking true Mexican flavors in a city known for its food diversity. The atmosphere is vibrant, each dish sharing a story of tradition and innovation.

When you dine here, you join a long history of food enthusiasts. The El Jefe platter, a standout, captures the spirit of Tex-Mex cuisine with its bold and inviting blend of spices, flavors, and textures.

El Fenix is more than a restaurant; it’s a Dallas institution. It’s loved by locals and visitors for its commitment to delicious, Mexican-inspired meals. It’s a landmark in the Tex-Mex world, showing that flavor knows no limits. When in Dallas, El Fenix is a must-visit.

Kubys Sausage House: German Delights

6601 Snider Plaza (view)

Kuby’s Sausage House takes you straight to Germany with its true flavors and classic sausages. In Snider Plaza, Dallas, this treasure has been serving German tastes since 1961. Karl Kuby started it all. Here, every bite is a piece of history, with recipes perfected over more than 10 generations.

Kuby’s tells the German culinary story with each dish. The chicken Jager Schnitzel stands out. It’s as rich in flavor as it is loved. It’s more than food; it’s an authentic German experience.

Kuby’s shows German heritage through its food, making it a key place to visit in Dallas. For sausage fans or anyone wanting to dive into German flavors, Kuby’s is your destination. Looking for Germany in Dallas? Kuby’s awaits.

Kellers Drive-In: Classic American Fare

10554 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas (view)

Since 1965, Keller’s Drive-In has stood as a Dallas landmark for classic American food. It embodies American dining, serving comfort food that wins hearts. In a digital world, Keller’s keeps its charm with few online footprints. Tradition and word-of-mouth remain strong.

Why visit Keller’s Drive-In:

  1. Tradition: Since 1965, it offers over fifty years of mouth-watering fare.
  2. Convenience: Now accepting credit cards, it welcomes more guests.
  3. The No. 5 Special Burger: A must-try, famous for its taste.
  4. Comfort Food: Known for traditional American dishes, it brings nostalgia with every bite.

Keller’s Drive-In is more than a restaurant. It’s a piece of Dallas, serving Americana in the city’s heart.

Jimmys Food Store: Italian Specialties

4901 Bryan Street (view)

At Jimmys Food Store, you find true Italian food. Dallas has known this since 1966. They have special wines. These wines go well with their sandwiches. It is real Italy in Texas. People who want Italian food go there. The wine makes the food better.

Authentic Italian Delicacies

In Dallas, Jimmys Food Store stands as a beacon of Italy since 1966. Here is what awaits you:

  1. Italian Specialty Destination: A true mark of authenticity, this place brings Italy to Dallas.
  2. Deli Offerings: Their deli holds a vast array of Italian foods, pleasing all tastes.
  3. Giant Made-to-Order Sandwiches: These large sandwiches fill you up.
  4. Prosciutto Panino: You must try this award-winning sandwich, a true taste of Italy.

At Jimmys Food Store, you taste Italy.

Specialty Wine Selection

Jimmy’s Food Store offers a select collection of Italian wines. These wines complement the Italian specialties well. In Dallas, this store stands out. It’s not just for their top sandwiches. It’s for a taste of Italy’s vineyards too. They choose their wines with care. Each one matches their food perfectly. Whether you like rich reds, crisp whites, or sparkling wines, you’ll find your match. These wines add sophistication to your meal, making it unforgettable.

Burger House: Iconic Burgers

6913 Hillcrest Avenue (view)

Founded in 1951, Burger House stands tall in Dallas, serving award-winning burgers. On Hillcrest Avenue, this landmark feeds burger lovers with classic, secret-seasoned delights. Its fame for crafting delicious, timeless burgers has grown, marking it a highlight in Dallas’s food culture.

Visiting Burger House, you must try:

  1. The Texas Hamburdog: A standout dish, merging two favorites into one.
  2. Secret Seasoning Salt: This award-winning seasoning elevates every menu item, offering a unique taste.
  3. Classic Atmosphere: Burger House offers a nostalgic journey focused on the burger.
  4. Hillcrest Avenue Location: It’s an ideal spot for a relaxed meal, capturing Dallas’s lively food essence.

Burger House’s dedication to quality and tradition has made it a legendary spot for Dallas’s burger enthusiasts.

S&D Oyster Company: Seafood Excellence

2701 McKinney Avenue (view)

Entering S&D Oyster Company is more than dining. It’s a journey into Dallas history, a unique experience. You explore dishes – oysters, poboys – and absorb the history of a 1890s building. This McKinney Avenue seafood spot is essential for those seeking culinary excellence and history.

Signature Dishes Explored

In Dallas’s heart, S&D Oyster Company stands out. Herb and Mary Kay Story opened it at 2701 McKinney Avenue. It’s a place of New Orleans-inspired seafood, rich and inviting.

Here’s what to try:

  1. Oysters: They bring the sea to your plate, fresh and full of flavor.
  2. Shrimp: Cooked perfectly, they capture New Orleans in every bite.
  3. Poboys: A sandwich that fills you, satisfying and robust.
  4. Manager’s Taster Sampler: For a taste of everything, this is your choice. It offers the best of S&D Oyster Company.

Historical Ambiance Unveiled

Stepping into S&D Oyster Company, you feel its deep history. It dates to the 1890s. Every corner tells a tale of Dallas’s seafood past. Located at 2701 McKinney Avenue, Herb and Mary Kay Story founded this place. It’s a Dallas classic now. Its history adds to the joy of eating New Orleans-style seafood.

S&D Oyster Company serves quality seafood. You find gumbo, cole slaw, and more. Each dish shows why this spot is a Dallas favorite.

Unique Dining Experience

At S&D Oyster Company in Dallas, seafood stands out. Herb and Mary Kay Story started this place in 1976. It’s known for New Orleans-style seafood. Here’s why it’s worth a visit:

  1. Menu: You’ll find fresh seafood with a Cajun twist. Think oysters, shrimp, and po’boys.
  2. Specialty: Try the manager’s taster sampler for a range of seafood.
  3. Tradition: It’s a place with a long history of excellence, loved by locals and visitors.

For fresh seafood with something special, go to S&D Oyster Company.

Normas Cafe: Home-Style Cooking

1123 W Davis Street (view)

Since opening in 1956, Norma’s Cafe has served Southern comfort food. It’s a Dallas staple, cozy and welcoming. Norma’s smells like home cooking, unique in Southern cuisine.

It’s known for homemade biscuits and country breakfasts. The menu is hearty. Breakfast or dinner, it feels like home. Don’t miss the Saturday Chicken and Dumplings, a Southern classic.

Despite changes in the city, Norma’s stays the same. It offers classic comfort food. People of all ages love it. It’s a taste of home in Dallas.

Javiers Gourmet Mexicano: Upscale Mexican Cuisine

4912 Cole Avenue (view)

Since 1977, Javiers Gourmet Mexicano has brought upscale Mexican dishes to Dallas. Located at 4912 Cole Avenue, this top-notch spot offers a unique dining experience. Here’s what makes Javiers stand out:

  1. Signature Dish: The Filete Durango is not just a meal; it’s an unforgettable experience.
  2. Personalized Service: The staff ensures your meal is special.
  3. Intimate Dining Rooms: Each room creates a cozy and elegant setting for any event.
  4. Quality Ingredients: Only the best ingredients are used, making each dish rich in authentic flavors.

Javiers is a must for anyone in Dallas who loves fine Mexican food. It’s not just a meal; it’s a journey worth taking again and again.

Campisi’s Egyptian Restaurant:  Historic Italian Eats

5610 E Mockingbird Lane (view)

In Dallas, there’s a place called Campisi’s. It’s not Egyptian. It’s Italian. Since ’46, they’ve served pizza. The first in Dallas, some say. The sign outside, old, hints at a different tale. Inside, the air is thick with stories.
  1. Signature Dish: The standout at Campisi’s is undoubtedly their Thin Crust Pizza.
  2. Lunchtime Sandwiches: Favorites include the Italian Sub, Meatball Sandwich, and Chicken Philly, perfect for a midday Italian treat.

Jack Ruby ate here, the night before history took a dark turn. People whisper about the Mafia. Those are just stories. What’s real is the food. Thin crust, simple toppings. A family recipe, unchanged.

The walls, covered in photos, tell of the famous and the regulars. All equals under the dim light. The Campisi family runs it. Generations of them. They keep the tradition. They know your name.

Here, it’s more than eating. It’s being part of Dallas. A slice of pizza in hand, you’re part of the story now. Campisi’s stands, steadfast. A monument not to Egypt, but to family, food, and Dallas itself.

Photo:  Lorie Shaull from Washington, United States, Campisi’s Egyptian Restaurant, Dallas TexasCC BY-SA 2.0


You have a Dallas map. You’re hungry. Crave Tex-Mex? El Fenix awaits. Want history with your meal? Campisi’s for pizza. Upscale Mexican? Javier’s. German food? Kuby’s. Iconic burgers? Burger House. Seafood or home-style meals? S&D Oyster Company, Norma’s Cafe. Dallas is ready.

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