What Are the Major Theater Venues in Dallas Fort-Worth?


If you seek the best theater in Dallas-Fort Worth, you’re in luck. You’ll find unmatched acoustics at Moody Performance Hall and various shows at AT&T Performing Arts Center. Dallas Children’s Theater offers creative plays. WaterTower Theatre presents intimate, powerful performances. Each place offers a mix of music, dance, theater. They celebrate Texas’s artistic diversity. These venues are more than places. They are landmarks in performing arts.

Key Takeaways

  • The AT&T Performing Arts Center, in the Dallas Arts District, stages a mix of theater, dance, and music.
  • The Dallas Children’s Theater teaches and entertains young audiences, nurturing future theater fans.
  • Moody Performance Hall in Dallas is known for its standout acoustics, hosting varied music events.
  • The Music Hall at Fair Park presents a range of shows and dining, with an emphasis on audience manners.
  • Addison’s WaterTower Theatre is known for its top-notch performances, a key spot for theater aficionados.

AT&T Performing Arts Center

In the heart of Dallas Arts District, the AT&T Performing Arts Center shines. It houses the Winspear Opera House and the Wyly Theatre. Here, art thrives. Its architecture and acoustics make each performance memorable.

The center hosts a variety of shows year-round. Theater, dance, music, and more draw crowds. Speaker series and holiday events add depth. It celebrates artistic diversity.

The AT&T Performing Arts Center is a journey into creativity. Here, performances leave lasting memories.

Bass Performance Hall

Bass Performance Hall Fort Worth

Bass Performance Hall, in downtown Fort Worth, opened in 1998. Known for excellent acoustics and classic European architecture, it hosts the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, Texas Ballet Theater, and Fort Worth Opera.

David M. Schwarz designed Bass Performance Hall in the style of a classic European opera house, blending it with Texas architectural traditions. Notable for its 80-foot diameter Great Dome, the building features a Trumpeting Angel on top, sculpted from Texas limestone by Marton Varo. Limestone angels also decorate the grand façade, becoming iconic symbols of the hall and notable elements of the Fort Worth skyline.  Carved limestone angels above the entrance are iconic.

Dallas Children’s Theater

At Dallas Children’s Theater, more than plays await. Their programs spark future theater lovers. Watch for the new season – diverse and captivating. Also, community efforts ensure all can taste live magic.

Educational Programs Offered

Dallas Children’s Theater, at 5938 Skillman St in Dallas, TX, scores a 9.0 on Foursquare. It’s a place where plays like those on Broadway bring joy to all. People love the seating and the feel of the place. It makes learning fun.

Here’s what they offer:

Age GroupProgramBenefit
ToddlersStorytellingSparks imagination
ChildrenActingBuilds confidence
TeenagersCraftsBoosts creativity
AdultsDirectingGrows leadership
AllWorkshopsStrengthens teamwork

These programs do more than entertain. They teach important life skills in a lively way.

Located in Dallas, this theater is a haven for family fun. It presents plays that captivate people of all ages, much like broadway shows. The theater is known for its great seating and atmosphere, making every show immersive. This season, the lineup is full of imaginative shows and performances. The sound and acoustics are top-notch.

  • Family-Friendly: A welcoming space for families.
  • Engaging Shows: Captivating and educational performances.
  • Impressive Sound: Top sound quality in the Music Hall.

Remember to follow etiquette to enjoy each show fully.

Moody Performance Hall

Moody Performance Hall stands tall. Its acoustics, rated 8.9 on Foursquare, are exceptional. This place transforms live music. The hall’s design focuses on audio detail, making each performance memorable.

Entering Moody Performance Hall means stepping into pure live music. The venue welcomes various music events, from orchestras to bands. The sound quality is top-notch. Audience silence is crucial; even whispers carry. The experience is personal and immersive.

Key points:

  • The acoustics are perfect.
  • It hosts diverse music events.
  • Silence from the audience is key.

Moody Performance Hall in Dallas is a must-visit for music lovers. Its sound excellence and varied events mark it as a cultural pillar of the city.

Sammons Center for the Arts

Moving from Moody Performance Hall’s acoustic marvels, let’s dive into another Dallas cultural gem, the Sammons Center for the Arts. Opened in 1988, this center stands as a beacon for local performing artists. Imagine entering a venue wholly devoted to nurturing the arts. That’s the Sammons Center, with its two main performance halls hosting a variety of shows, from music to dance to theater.

The Sammons Center isn’t just for shows; it’s dedicated to arts education for all. Whether you’re new to the arts or a long-time supporter, you’ll find something fresh and thrilling. Known for its regular concerts and events, the center keeps the Dallas arts scene alive and buzzing.

The architecture and people make the Sammons Center shine. Its beautiful design and friendly staff explain its top reputation. It’s where the arts thrive, welcoming everyone to celebrate creativity and community.

Music Hall at Fair Park

Music Hall at Fair Park

A gem in Dallas, the Music Hall at Fair Park stands at 909 1st Ave. It gives more than shows. It offers a dining experience. It has a Foursquare rating of 8.5. Visitors leave with lasting memories. The venue values audience etiquette. This makes sure everyone enjoys their time.

The Music Hall offers many performances year-round. You can see Broadway musicals, classical concerts, or modern dance. Adding food options makes your night complete.

  • Diverse Performances: Musicals, concerts, and more keep the schedule full.
  • Dining Experiences: A meal or snack on-site makes the evening better.
  • Audience Etiquette: Respect ensures enjoyment for all.

In the heart of Fair Park, this venue shows Dallas’s vibrant culture. Consider the Music Hall at Fair Park for your next night out.

The Kessler Theater

Visit The Kessler Theater after seeing the Music Hall at Fair Park. The building is historic, elegant, and alive with music and art.

The Kessler is more than a venue. It supports creativity, offering spaces for artists to rehearse. This commitment makes it a heart of Dallas’s music and culture. Music lovers and those who value architecture will find it unforgettable. Consider it for your next night out. It’s not just entertainment. It’s a piece of Dallas’s culture.

Irving Arts Center

Let’s discuss the Irving Arts Center. Its architecture catches the eye, but there’s more. It hosts performances – orchestras, theater, and more. It’s key for arts in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Hosting Diverse Performances

In the heart of Dallas Fort-Worth’s cultural landscape, the Irving Arts Center shines. It hosts a broad spectrum of performances. It serves a wide array of artistic tastes. From the orchestral sounds at the Lyric Stage, echoing the grand Meyerson Symphony, to lively local art exhibits, this center is a hub for those seeking a rich arts experience in Irving, TX.

  • Orchestral Performances: A stage for diverse musical talents.
  • Art Exhibitions: A feast for the eyes.
  • Culturally Enriching Shows: A quality mark, with a Foursquare rating of 8.5.

Find it at 3333 North MacArthur Blvd. The Irving Arts Center is your door to exploring artistic expressions in the Dallas Fort-Worth area.

Architectural Design Highlights

The Irving Arts Center stands out, not just as a place for culture but also as a work of art itself. It draws you in with its beauty and detail.

LocationIt sits at 3333 North MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX, a center for creativity.
Architectural DesignIts design celebrates cultural expression, making every visit rich.
Lyric StageThe stage’s design makes orchestral performances unforgettable.
Exhibitions & EventsIt hosts a variety of cultural experiences, from art shows to community gatherings.
Foursquare RatingRated 8.5 for its architecture and program quality.

Every part of its design lifts the arts, making your visit a deep dive into culture and creativity.

WaterTower Theatre

WaterTower Theatre is located in Addison, TX. Many know it for its excellent shows. It scores 7.7 on Foursquare, a mark of its quality in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It offers a range of shows, capturing its audience with each performance. It’s a place theater lovers should not miss.

An evening at WaterTower Theatre means more than watching a play. It’s about experiencing artistic brilliance. Here’s why:

  • Superb Performances: The theatre is known for its outstanding talent on stage and behind the scenes.
  • Engaging Shows: Drama, comedy, and more. WaterTower Theatre has something for everyone.
  • Top-Notch Experience: Visitors agree. It’s one of Dallas’s best theaters.

Dallas Theater Center (DTC)

Dallas Theater Center

DTC stands out as a premier regional theater, showcasing both modern and classic plays. It operates from two locations: the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Kalita Humphreys Theater and the contemporary Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre. Known for pioneering new productions and hosting local talent, DTC is a hub for innovative theater.

Casa Mañana

As the largest performing arts organization in Tarrant County, Casa Mañana is based in Fort Worth. It began as a theater in the round and continues to engage audiences with Broadway-style shows, children’s theater, and educational programs. The venue is renowned for its community commitment and efforts in fostering young talent.

Theatre Three

Established in 1961 and located in Dallas’s Quadrangle, Theatre Three is a core component of the local arts scene. It produces a diverse array of performances, including musicals, modern dramas, and premieres. The theater is dedicated to enriching the human experience with outstanding, intimate productions.

Pocket Sandwich Theatre

Located in Dallas, Pocket Sandwich Theatre offers a unique and lively theater experience with its popcorn-tossing melodramas and comedies. This casual venue invites audience participation, making it a distinctive and enjoyable choice for an entertaining night out.


In Dallas-Fort Worth, theaters abound. The grand AT&T Performing Arts Center. The intimate Kessler Theater. Dallas Children’s Theater offers whimsy. Irving Arts Center hosts diversity. For Broadway, visit Music Hall at Fair Park. For innovation, WaterTower Theatre. Dive into the vibrant scene.

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