What Are the Major Sporting Venues in Dallas Fort-Worth?


Dallas-Fort Worth is a metropolitan area pulsing with sports enthusiasm and iconic stadiums. From football to baseball, each venue is not just a place to watch a game but a cathedral of local culture and spirit. Here’s a guide to the major sporting venues across the Dallas-Fort Worth area, each with its own unique charm and history.

Key Takeaways

  • AT&T Stadium, vast, seats the most. The Dallas Cowboys play here.
  • Globe Life Field has a roof that opens. It’s where the Texas Rangers play.
  • The American Airlines Center welcomes the Mavericks and the Stars. It has special seats.
  • Texas Motor Speedway, vast, hosts big NASCAR races.
  • Toyota Stadium hosts FC Dallas and houses the Soccer Hall of Fame. It holds 20,000.

AT&T Stadium: Home of the Cowboys

In the heart of Dallas-Fort Worth, AT&T Stadium stands. It’s not just big; it’s the largest NFL stadium by seating. Since 2009, this is where the Dallas Cowboys play. It has 80,000 seats. It’s a giant among sports places, pulling fans into its lively game days and big events.

The stadium has a huge HD video screen. It stretches across the field. You feel like you’re in the action, no matter where you sit. But there’s more than just watching the game. You can take self-guided tours. You can stand on the midfield star. It’s a dream for many.

AT&T Stadium is more than the Cowboys’ home. It hosted the first National College Football Championship game. It made history. Its design and modern features make it a top sports venue in Dallas-Fort Worth. It shows the city’s love for sports.

Globe Life Field: Baseballs Jewel

Globe Life Field: Baseballs Jewel

After seeing AT&T Stadium, we look at Globe Life Field, the Texas Rangers’ home in Arlington. This ballpark, with its retractable roof, promises baseball no matter the weather. It’s a must for sports lovers.

The new venue features a retractable roof to shield fans from the intense Texas heat and expand its use beyond the baseball season. With a seating capacity of over 40,000, it promises an intimate experience with modern amenities and fantastic sightlines.

Globe Life Field offers more than baseball. Its design and amenities ensure a memorable visit, whether for the game, the vibe, or the architecture. It shows the value Fort Worth and nearby places put on sports and fun.

American Airlines Center: Mavericks and Stars

American Airlines Center

American Airlines Center stands in Dallas as the home for the NBA’s Mavericks and the NHL’s Stars. Since its opening in 2001 in the lively Victory Park neighborhood, this venue has become more than a place for sports. It’s a hub of entertainment. It can host over 19,000 for basketball and 18,500 for hockey, welcoming large crowds to share in the excitement.

When you enter the American Airlines Center, you join a community bound by passion. The arena offers luxury suites and premium seats, taking the fan experience higher. Watching a game from a suite combines thrill with luxury, providing exceptional views and amenities.

The American Airlines Center is known for its game day atmosphere. The energy is undeniable from the start, with fans wearing their team’s colors and chanting together. These moments, along with the modern amenities and dining options, make a visit memorable.

Texas Motor Speedway: High-Speed Thrills

The American Airlines Center thrives with basketball and hockey’s buzz. Texas Motor Speedway offers a different thrill: high-speed NASCAR races. This huge venue holds over 190,000 fans, making it one of the largest sports stadiums. Here, racing isn’t just watched; it’s experienced. The 1.5-mile track and Big Hoss, a massive HD video screen, ensure you catch every moment, regardless of your seat.

For a longer stay, the Speedway’s camping areas offer a unique experience. Wake up to engines roaring. This is being at the action’s heart. For those seeking luxury, VIP amenities provide comfort and enjoyment. They include full-service hookups, concierge services, and free Wi-Fi. Hosting major NASCAR events, Texas Motor Speedway attracts racing fans nationwide, promising unforgettable thrills.

Toyota Stadium: Soccer and More

Explore Toyota Stadium. Home to FC Dallas, it’s a magnet for soccer fans and music lovers. It boasts a high-definition video board, making each event memorable. Located in Frisco’s sports district, its close setting and lively vibe distinguish it in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Home Team Highlights

Discover the soul of soccer in Dallas-Fort Worth at Toyota Stadium, home of FC Dallas. This place is more than games. It’s a center for player honors, fan connections, and community service. FC Dallas players earn acclaim, both nationally and globally. The team values its fans, offering immersive events and activities for memorable experiences. Their commitment to the community is strong, with many programs to build stronger ties.

Toyota Stadium shines as more than a soccer venue. It holds 20,500 people, perfect for both small and large events. Its design allows for varied seating setups, ensuring a great view for everyone. The stadium is a tribute to soccer history, especially with the National Soccer Hall of Fame on site.

  • Seating Flexibility: The stadium adapts to different events, offering the best views.
  • Soccer History: The Hall of Fame shares America’s soccer stories.
  • Event Diversity: The venue hosts concerts, football, and more, proving its versatility.

These features make Toyota Stadium a key spot for sports and entertainment in Texas.

Amon G. Carter Stadium: TCU Football

Amon G. Carter Stadium

In Fort Worth, Texas, Amon G. Carter Stadium is home to TCU Football. It holds more than 45,000. This place is more than numbers. It’s where TCU traditions and pride live. Here, you’re part of a community that loves purple.

The energy is high, driven by fans passionate about TCU Horned Frogs games. The crowd’s roar and the halftime shows make each game more than just sports. Renovated in 2012, the stadium offers modern comforts and top facilities. It ensures every visitor, loyal or new, enjoys the game in style.

This stadium is a fortress of Horned Frogs pride. Each game celebrates tradition, community, and fair play.


Dr Pepper Ballpark: Minor League Showcase

Dr Pepper Ballpark in Frisco, Texas, stands as the heart of minor league baseball. It is home to the Frisco RoughRiders, the Double-A team of the Texas Rangers. For fans of baseball or those seeking a unique Dallas-Fort Worth experience, this ballpark offers intimate baseball fun. Unlike large stadiums, its 10,316 seats bring you close to the action.

The venue boasts a Lazy River in the outfield, a feature unmatched in most sports venues. Picture watching a game from the lazy river – a rare treat on hot Texas days.

Here’s what awaits you:

  • Lazy River: A unique, relaxing way to watch the game.
  • Intimate Seating: You’re close to the game, making the experience personal.
  • Special Events and Promotions: The stadium hosts varied events, adding extra fun for visitors.

Dickies Arena: Multi-Purpose Sports Complex

Dickies Arena sits in Fort Worth, Texas. It’s a multi-purpose sports complex. It hosts basketball games, concerts, and rodeos. The arena can hold about 14,000 people for sports. It’s great for watching games or enjoying music. The place has modern facilities. It makes sure everyone has a good time.

The arena is versatile. It suits many events well. Sports fans, music lovers, and rodeo followers will find something they like here. It has seating for about 14,000 for sports.  It hosts sporting, music and rodeo events.

The Star in Frisco: Cowboys Training Facility

The Star in Frisco

Explore The Star in Frisco, the heart of Dallas Cowboys’ training. This 91-acre campus blends innovation with tradition. It offers public tours, showcasing its pioneering design and versatile spaces. Here, sports and entertainment meet, providing a distinct experience for fans and visitors.

The Star in Frisco: Cowboys Training Facility

Innovative Architectural Design

The Star in Frisco reimagines a sports training facility. It shows the Dallas Cowboys’ commitment to being modern and excellent. Over 91 acres, this advanced complex is more than a training place. It blends new technology, green design, and spaces where fans and players interact. This elevates everyone’s experience.

  • New technology ensures the best training and fan connections.
  • Green design is everywhere, from saving energy to using eco-friendly materials.
  • Spaces where people can interact let fans get close to the team in new ways. This raises the bar for sports places.

This architectural wonder is more than practical. It creates a world that celebrates football.

Public Access & Tours

Discover the essence of the Cowboys at The Star in Frisco. Join guided tours for a close look at the team’s advanced training spaces. Enjoy exclusive entry to the locker rooms and meeting areas, usually closed to the public. For a deeper dive, VIP tours offer a more detailed view into the Cowboys’ realm. Explore exhibits filled with the team’s history and iconic items. These tours provide a deep look into one of the NFL’s renowned teams, right in Frisco, Texas, for fans and the curious alike.

Training & Event Spaces

Step into the Cowboys’ essence at The Star in Frisco. This top training and event space boosts both athletic and entertainment experiences. It’s the Dallas Cowboys’ training ground, but it’s more. It hosts sports, concerts, and business events, all with top facilities.

  • Top Facilities: The Star has advanced tech and an indoor stadium for 12,000. It’s set for many events.
  • Versatile Space: It’s perfect for sports, concerts, and business meetings. Your event will be memorable.
  • Tours: See the Cowboys’ base, learn their history, and see how top athletes prepare.

Keep it simple.


You want the best sports venues in Dallas-Fort Worth. Cheer the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Watch baseball at Globe Life Field. Feel speed at Texas Motor Speedway. Soccer? Toyota Stadium awaits. For minor league, try Dr Pepper Ballpark. The Star, Dickies Arena, and Panther Island Pavilion offer more. Your guide to unforgettable sports moments.

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