The Top 20 Tourist Attractions to Visit in Dallas, Texas


Dallas, a city with deep roots in ranching, farming, and oil, has evolved into a bustling metropolis ripe with a blend of culture and history. Since the advent of the railroad in the late 19th century, the city has flourished into a hub of commerce and finance, emblematic of the power and drama encapsulated in the iconic TV show “Dallas.”

Visitors are drawn not only to its storied past but also to the wealth of experiences the city offers. From the vibrant heart of the city’s center boasting a multitude of museums, eateries, and accommodations to dynamic areas beyond, there’s an abundance of activities to entice every visitor.

Key Takeaways

  • Dallas combines a historic atmosphere with a wide array of modern attractions and activities.
  • The city provides enriching cultural experiences through its many museums, gardens, and arts districts.
  • With its diverse attractions, Dallas caters to a variety of interests, from history and art to nature and science.

1. The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

The Sixth Floor Museum in Downtown Dallas
The Sixth Floor Museum in Downtown Dallas

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, situated on the historic junction of Houston and Elm Streets in Dallas, stands as a testament to an event that shook America—the slaying of President Kennedy. It occupies the same building that was once the Texas School Book Depository, where a sniper positioned himself to strike.

Key Features:

  • Historical Context: The museum presents a comprehensive look into the socio-political environment of the 1960s, setting the stage for the events that transpired in Dallas.
  • Presidential Visit: Exhibits focus on Kennedy’s 1963 Texas visit and the events leading up to his unfortunate demise.
  • Assassination Window: A reconstruction of the infamous sniper’s nest at the corner window is on display, replicating the chilling crime scene images.

Inside the Museum:

  • After the Tragedy: Explore the collective grief and chaos that engulfed the nation through heart-rending narratives and investigative displays.
  • JFK’s Enduring Impact: A tribute to the president’s legacy, capturing the immediate and long-lasting effects of his policies and persona.
  • Artifacts: View pivotal items such as the presumed assassination weapon, a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle replica, FBI’s scale Dealey Plaza model, and personal items linked to key figures involved.

Outside the museum, visitors can stroll through Dealey Plaza and observe the Grassy Knoll, along with marked spots on the road delineating where the fatal impacts occurred—a sobering reminder of history’s weight.

Plan Your Visit:  The museum is located at 411 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas, enveloping visitors in a space rife with historical significance.

2. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Texas Dallas arboretum waterfalls and pond
Texas Dallas arboretum waterfalls and pond

Situated near the heart of Dallas, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden offers a verdant escape on the southeastern fringes of White Rock Lake. Spanning 66 acres, the garden impresses with fourteen distinct exhibits that celebrate various types of flora corresponding to the season.

  • Visitor Highlights
    • Seasonal Exhibits: Vibrant displays of flowers, shrubs, and trees.
    • Cultural Events: Festivals, concerts, and art showcases throughout the year.
    • Educational Opportunities: Workshops and guided tours enrich visitor knowledge.

Landmark Origins:  Conceived in the 1930s and officially established in 1984, the grounds were designed around a 1939 mansion. Adding intrigue, numerous sculptures and fountains are set against whimsically named locales such as Toad’s Corner and Texas Town.

White Rock Lake Park Adventures:  Adjacent to the gardens, White Rock Lake Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, featuring over 10 miles of trails for hiking and biking. Alongside the trails, the lake itself spans in excess of 1,000 acres, offering ample opportunities for wildlife observation, fishing, and boating.

Plan Your Visit:

  • Location: 8525 Garland Road, Dallas, Texas
  • Accessibility: Trails and guided tours available for engaging experiences.

3. Dallas World Aquarium

Dallas World Aquarium Entrance
Dallas World Aquarium Entrance – Jay R Simonson Jsimo1, Dallas World Aquarium Entrance, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Dallas World Aquarium, a place where the distant and the exotic meet the urban. Within its walls a slice of the rainforest breathes. Creatures of the water, the earth, and the air call it home. It’s a world apart, steps from the sidewalk.

Visitors walk among towering trees. Birds, bright and calling, flit overhead. Below, the water teems with life. Fish glide, silent and swift. It’s a place of discovery, of learning. For the curious, the conservationist, the child in all.

Here, the world is close. The Dallas World Aquarium, a testament to nature’s diversity, in the heart of the city.

  • Encounter diverse wildlife in the Orinoco Rainforest habitat
  • Marvel at aquatic creatures in 87,000 gallons of natural reef settings
  • Observe free-flying birds, toucans, tree sloths, and aquatic species like the Orinoco crocodile

Key Exhibits:

  • Orinoco Rainforest Exhibit: Interactive displays with birds and amphibians
  • Cloud Forest Trek: A journey through a unique ecosystem
  • Marine Exhibits: Features bonnethead sharks, jellyfish, and rare leafy seadragons

Planning Your Visit:

  • Eateries: Select from gourmet, international, or casual dining with underwater views
  • Events: Time your visit with the feeding schedule and educational talks
  • Location: Situated at 1801 N. Griffin Street, in the heart of Dallas
  • Pro Tip: Check feeding times to see animals during lively moments.

4. Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower stands out in the Dallas skyline with its distinctive, geodesic design and evening lighting. The GeO-Deck provides visitors breathtaking 360-degree city views. Beyond sightseeing, the venue hosts a variety of activities atop its 470-foot-high observation deck.

  • Location: 300 Reunion Blvd E, Dallas, Texas
  • Structure: Recognizable geodesic sphere mounted on five pillars
  • Height: 560 feet; Observation deck at 470 feet
  • Features: Panoramic vistas over Dallas with a GeO-Deck observation area
  • Activities: Yoga, painting classes, and various events
  • Notability: An iconic structure since 1978, known for night-time illumination

5. George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

At the dedication of the center in April 2013, the five then-living former U.S. Presidents (from left): Obama, George W. Bush, Clinton, George H. W. Bush, and Carter
At the dedication of the center in April 2013, the five then-living former U.S. Presidents (from left): Obama, George W. Bush, Clinton, George H. W. Bush, and Carter

Situated within the expanse of Southern Methodist University, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum provides an intricate perspective on the tenure of the United States’ 43rd President. It occupies a dedicated 23-acre site and curates a vast array of over 43,000 items, reflecting the historical tenure and the Bush family’s dedication to public service.

Exhibits and Collections:

  • Authentic pieces from the infamous September 11th attacks
  • Displays celebrating the endearing First Pets, Miss Beazley and Barney

Visitors can explore a wide variety of exhibits, including presentations of state gifts and various diplomatic mementos accrued throughout Bush’s presidency. For refreshments, one can enjoy Cafe 43 or the al fresco setting of the Courtyard Cafe to reflect on the experience.

Location: 2943 SMU Boulevard, Dallas, Texas

6. Exploration at the Perot Museum

An exterior view of the Perot museum's main staircase
An exterior view of the Perot museum’s main staircase – Paul M. Budd, Perot Museum of Nature and Science exterior of Escalator, CC BY-SA 4.0

Located in a striking piece of architecture created by renowned designer Thom Mayne, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science stands as a prominent destination in Dallas for both family outings and those with a keen interest in the sciences.

The structure integrates features such as water-saving practices through the repurposing of air conditioning condensate and drip irrigation, alongside the strategic use of recycled building ingredients and local resources. The museum’s commitment to sustainability is rounded out with the use of solar energy for heating water.

Exhibit Highlights:

  • Engineering and Innovation: Get hands-on with interactive displays.
  • Energy Sources: Dive into the world of energy, its forms, and uses.
  • Earth Sciences: Uncover the dynamic processes of our planet.
  • Evolutionary Journey: Trace the history of life on Earth.
  • Moody Family Children’s Museum: Engage young minds with educational play areas.

Visitors can also experience city views through large glass panels as they ascend the museum’s 54-foot escalator, delivering a unique perspective of the surroundings. The facility’s address is at 2201 N. Field Street, Dallas, Texas, placing it conveniently within reach for those looking to spark their curiosity and discover more about the natural world.

7. Dallas Museum of Art

Takenouchi no Sukune Meets the Dragon King of the Sea, Japanese, Meiji period, 1879–81
Takenouchi no Sukune Meets the Dragon King of the Sea, Japanese, Meiji period, 1879–81

Occupying an eminent place in Dallas since its inception in 1903, the Dallas Museum of Art ranks among the top ten most expansive art museums in the country. Housing in excess of 24,000 pieces, this institution offers a wide variety of artworks spanning the entirety of the Americas and beyond to encompass a global perspective.

Noteworthy pieces in the collection cover a wide range from the grace of ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome, to iconic European impressionist artworks like those by Claude Monet, through to the modernist Jackson Pollock. The museum has an ever-rotating array of temporary exhibitions as well.

In the embrace of the museum’s diverse artifacts also lies the Wendy and Emery Reves Collection, a testament to philanthropy, with over 1,400 items, including ornate painted fans and intricate Chinese porcelain.

The museum’s address is a prominent landmark: 1717 N Harwood Street, Dallas, Texas, inviting both locals and tourists to enjoy its rich historical and artistic narrative.

8. Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren Park offers an urban oasis amidst the hustle of downtown Dallas. Visitors can enjoy an array of cuisines from food trucks or dine al fresco in designated areas. The park’s green expanses and public art pieces contribute to the welcoming environment, ideal for social interactions or peaceful solitude.

Regularly scheduled events infuse the park with dynamic energy, though many find pleasure in simply bringing a picnic to enjoy against the backdrop of the city. Situated within the park are various cafes and serene spots by the fountains, where one can take a moment to unwind during their exploration of the surrounding urban landscape.

  • Location: 1909 Woodall Rodgers Freeway, Dallas, Texas
  • Features:
    • Outdoor Amenities: Food trucks, dining areas, green spaces, and public art
    • Atmosphere: Vibrant mid-afternoon social setting with music
    • Relaxation Spots: Numerous seating areas near water features
    • Events: Frequent community gatherings and festivities

9.  Dallas Zoo

Spanning an impressive 106 acres, the Dallas Zoo provides a diverse selection of wildlife from around the globe. The zoo houses over 2,000 animals from 406 species in meticulously crafted environments. This venerable institution, established in 1888, is situated a mere three miles from downtown Dallas. It ranks among the earliest zoological parks in the United States.

Visitors can traverse distinct regions within the zoo, including ZooNorth, the Wilds of Africa, and the Giants of the Savanna. A section designed especially for children is also available. Interactive experiences are plentiful, highlighted by:

  • Engaging Encounters: Frequent giraffe feedings and interactive shows at the Wild Encounters Stage.
  • Aviary Interactions: An immersive experience with feathered friends at Birds Landing.
  • Conservation Education: Educational keeper talks and feedings that occur daily.

The Dallas Zoo not only caters to animal enthusiasts but also to those looking to savor their meals al fresco. It offers multiple dining options alongside numerous snack kiosks. Additionally, designated picnic areas dot the zoo landscape, allowing guests to relax and dine amidst nature’s company.

For those planning a visit, the zoo is located at 650 S R L Thornton Fwy, Dallas, Texas. It provides a memorable outing close to the heart of the city.

10. American Airlines Center

American Airlines Center Dallas
American Airlines Center Dallas

At the heart of Dallas, the American Airlines Center stands as a hub for the city’s major sports and entertainment events. Notable for hosting the city’s sports giants, the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Stars, this establishment offers an array of spectacles.

Events range from action-packed sports contests to high-profile concerts, ensuring there’s something for everyone throughout the year.

  • Home Teams: Dallas Mavericks (NBA), Dallas Stars (NHL)
  • Location: 2500 Victory Ave, Dallas, Texas
  • Facility: Starts as a sporting arena and seamlessly transitions for concerts and live shows.
  • Visitor Experience:
    • Vibrant PNC Plaza provides dining options for event-goers.
    • Nearby accommodations make planning an extended stay convenient.

11. The Nasher Sculpture Center

Large Horse by Raymond Duchamp-Villon - Nasher Sculpture Center
Large Horse by Raymond Duchamp-Villon – Nasher Sculpture Center

The Nasher Sculpture Center is renowned for its vast collection of sculptures that span modern and contemporary eras. Visitors can appreciate the creations of some of the most illustrious names in art history.

The center’s indoor galleries complement the sculptures gracing its outdoor spaces, making it a comprehensive venue for the exhibition of sculptural works. The Nasher also serves as a cultural hub for the Dallas Arts District, engaging visitors through a robust schedule of public programs and events.

  • Location: 2001 Flora Street, Dallas, Texas, within the Dallas Arts District
  • Establishment: Inaugurated in 2003
  • Collection Focus: Modern and contemporary sculpture
  • Notable Artists: Works by Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, Andy Warhol
  • Outdoor Features: Large-scale sculptures amid tree-lined gardens
  • Cultural Events: Hosts educational lectures and musical performances
  • Proximity: Adjacent to the Dallas Museum of Art

12. Bishop Arts District

Bishop Arts District, Dallas, Texas trolley stop
Bishop Arts District, Dallas, Texas trolley stop (AceplaceUploads), Bishop Arts District, Dallas, Texas trolley stopCC BY-SA 3.0

Visitors can immerse themselves in a unique cultural experience at the Bishop Arts District. From art appreciators to those who revel in unique, local shopping experiences, this district delivers a variety of opportunities to enjoy Dallas’s creative spirit.

  • Shopping and Dining: Over 60 independent boutiques, eateries, and cafes.
    • For Men: M’antiques offers eclectic finds.
    • For Women: A collection of vintage apparel stores.
    • Artisan Wares: Local artists and designers showcase their work in various shops.
  • Entertainment: Frequent neighborhood events, including street festivals.
  • Location: Anchored along North Bishop Avenue in the cozy enclave of North Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas.
  • Vibe: A welcoming, small-town charm amid the urban landscape.

13.  Dallas Cattle Drive Sculptures at Pioneer Plaza

Cattle Drive sculpture in Pioneer Plaza located in downtown Dallas, Texas
Cattle Drive sculpture in Pioneer Plaza located in downtown Dallas, Texas –Dfwcre8tive, PioneerPlaza Dallas 02, CC BY 3.0

Pioneer Plaza in downtown Dallas is home to an array of impressive sculptures that pay homage to Texas’s long history of cattle drives. It is adjacent to the Dallas Convention Center and is modeled after a section of the historical Shawnee Trail.

Visitors can stroll through the verdant area, complete with a charming creek cascading down limestone formations.  Central to the plaza’s allure are the 49 dynamic bronze figures of Texas Longhorn cattle, driven by three life-size cowboy sculptures. Created by artist Robert Summers, the installation transports onlookers to the era when livestock rearing was the lifeblood of Texas.

14. Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center

Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center
Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center Photo: Andreas Praefcke, Dallas Meyerson Center 02, CC BY 3.0

Located in the Dallas Arts District, the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center is an acclaimed venue for classical and contemporary music. It serves as the home of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, recognized as the leading performing arts organization in the U.S. Southwest.

Under the baton of conductor Fabio Luisi, the orchestra showcases a range of compositions, from time-honored classics to innovative new works.

During the summer months, the Dallas Symphony extends its reach beyond the concert hall, offering free performances in local parks. This initiative, known as Symphony in the Parks, brings orchestral music to the wider community in a relaxed, open-air setting.

  • Location: 2301 Flora Street, Dallas, TX
  • Summer Events: Free Symphony in the Parks concerts
  • Education Programs: Offered city-wide

15. Frontiers of Flight Museum

The Frontiers of Flight Museum, located at 6911 Lemmon Ave in Dallas, Texas, showcases a vast array of over 40 aircraft and space vessels, presenting the evolution of flight technology. The museum’s collection spans the history of aviation and space pursuit, with standout exhibits including:

  • A life-size replica of the Wright Flyer
  • Genuine pieces from the iconic Hindenburg airship
  • An array of aircraft from World War I and II

Visitors can also admire a meticulously refurbished Stearman PT-17 Kaydet Biplane and the history-making Apollo VII spacecraft. The institution pays tribute to commercial flight history through specialty displays such as the Braniff Gallery and an exhibit dedicated to Virgin America.

16. John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial

In the heart of Dallas, next to Dealey Plaza, the Memorial Plaza dedicated to President John F. Kennedy asserts its presence. Crafted by the celebrated architect Philip Johnson, the structure embodies simplicity and dignity, reflecting on the late president’s unbounded spirit with its cenotaph-like design.

Suspended by wide marble slabs, the edifice rises to imposing heights, inviting visitors to ponder at the inscribed epitaphs that flank its entrances. These inscriptions offer a silent narrative, encapsulating the memory of a leader whose life was prematurely abbreviated. Visitors here are encouraged to engage with the history and consider the legacy left behind by President Kennedy.

  • Location: 646 Main Street, Dallas, Texas
  • Proximity to Dealey Plaza: Short walking distance
  • Design: Philip Johnson
  • Dimension: 30 feet in height, 50 feet in width
  • Material: Marble
  • Dedication: 1970
  • Architectural Style: Cenotaph (open tomb)

17. The Cavanaugh Flight Museum

The Cavanaugh Flight Museum stands out as a unique destination for history enthusiasts and aviation aficionados. Located in the Addison region, north of Dallas, this museum boasts an extensive list of historical aircraft from notable conflicts such as World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, in addition to civilian aircraft.

Visitors have the opportunity to go on self-guided tours through the expansive hangar space that houses these meticulously restored planes. Alongside the aircraft, the museum displays a myriad of military vehicles, including several military trucks and armored machinery like the renowned M50 Super Sherman tank.

  • Location: 4572 Claire Chennault Street, Addison, Texas
  • Exhibits:
    • Vintage military and civilian aircraft
    • Ground vehicles with military provenance
  • Experience:
    • Self-guided exploration
    • Engaging historical displays

18. Exploring History at the African American Museum

Dallas African American Museum
Dallas African American Museum Michael Barera, African American Museum August 2016 03, CC BY-SA 4.0

The African American Museum in Dallas is renowned for its comprehensive collection of African American art, historical documents, and cultural expressions. Visitors can admire a variety of artistic creations alongside historical artifacts that shine a light on African American experiences. The museum not only boasts impressive exhibits but also serves as a hub for cultural enlightenment through its lectures and events.

  • Location: 3536 Grand Avenue, Dallas, Texas
  • Established: 1974
  • Collection Includes:
    • Traditional African motifs
    • Cultural icons
    • Artwork, sculptures, paintings
    • Largest Folk Art collection by African Americans in the U.S.
  • Facilities:
    • Library
    • Historical archives
    • On-site theater for programs
  • Activities: Educational programs, entertainment events, lectures

19. Spend a Day in Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum is a testament to Dallas’ cultural revival, mixing rich history with modern flair. Once known for jazz, the area has transformed into a haven for those seeking an eclectic urban experience.

  • Shopping: Explore unique boutiques for one-of-a-kind finds.
  • Dining: Choose from an array of eateries offering everything from casual bites to gourmet experiences.
  • Arts: Discover vibrant street art and local galleries.
  • Entertainment: Enjoy live music venues that echo the district’s soulful past.
  • Accessibility: Convenient pay lots make for easy parking and exploration on foot.

20. Southfork Ranch

Southfork Ranch as seen in the television series Dallas
Southfork Ranch as seen in the television series Dallas

Southfork Ranch transcends its role as a mere filming location, evolving into a veritable icon of television history, particularly recognized for its connection with the groundbreaking series “Dallas”. For those eager to immerse themselves in a quintessential Texas experience like the characters of the famed soap opera once did, the ranch provides a unique opportunity.

  • Location: 3700 Hogge Drive, Parker, Texas
  • Distance from Dallas: Approximately 25 miles north
  • Experiences:
    • Exclusive guided tours through the renowned Ewing Mansion
    • Gourmet steak dinners reminiscent of the lavish lifestyle depicted in “Dallas”
    • The true Texan chuckwagon dining experience available on the grounds

Tips for Visiting Dallas

Family-Friendly Destinations in Dallas

  • Perot Museum of Nature and Science: Interactive exhibits for curious minds of all ages.
  • Dallas Zoo: Over 2,000 animals and a range of family activities.
  • Klyde Warren Park: Open green spaces with children’s play area and food trucks.

Dallas Experiences for Couples

  • Dallas Arboretum: Stroll through beautiful gardens on a romantic walk.
  • Reunion Tower: Enjoy breathtaking city views from the observation deck.
  • Bishop Arts District: Explore quaint shops and local eateries.

Must-See Dallas Attractions for First-Timers

  • Dealey Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum: Key historical site for JFK enthusiasts.
  • Dallas Arts District: Largest urban arts district in the US offering diverse art experiences.
  • Deep Ellum: Neighborhood known for vibrant street murals, live music, and bustling nightlife.

Enjoying Dallas Without Breaking the Bank

  • Dallas Museum of Art: Offers free admission to view its extensive art collection.
  • Pioneer Plaza: Features a large sculpture installation of a cattle drive.
  • White Rock Lake: Ideal for picnics, walking, biking, and enjoying nature.

Authentic Western Experiences in Dallas

  • Fort Worth Stockyards: Witness live cattle drives and indulge in Western culture.
  • Dallas Heritage Village: Discover historic buildings and life in North Texas from 1840-1910.
  • Texas Horse Park: Experience horseback riding and the Texan love for equine activities.

Premier Cultural Venues in Downtown Dallas

  • AT&T Performing Arts Center: Catch a variety of contemporary performances.
  • Meyerson Symphony Center: Home to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.
  • Crow Museum of Asian Art: Explore diverse artworks from various Asian cultures.

Temperature and Precipitation Patterns in Dallas

Dallas experiences a range of temperatures and rainfall throughout the year. Below is a detailed climate guide stating the average low and high temperatures along with precipitation totals for each month.

Monthly Average Temperatures in Dallas

  • January: Low 2°C (36°F), High 13°C (55°F)
  • February: Low 5°C (41°F), High 16°C (61°F)
  • March: Low 9°C (49°F), High 21°C (69°F)
  • April: Low 13°C (56°F), High 25°C (77°F)
  • May: Low 18°C (65°F), High 29°C (84°F)
  • June: Low 23°C (73°F), High 33°C (92°F)
  • July: Low 25°C (77°F), High 36°C (96°F)
  • August: Low 24°C (76°F), High 36°C (96°F)
  • September: Low 21°C (69°F), High 32°C (89°F)
  • October: Low 14°C (58°F), High 26°C (79°F)
  • November: Low 8°C (47°F), High 19°C (66°F)
  • December: Low 4°C (39°F), High 14°C (57°F)

Monthly Average Precipitation in Dallas

  • January: 48 mm (1.9 in)
  • February: 59 mm (2.3 in)
  • March: 80 mm (3.1 in)
  • April: 88 mm (3.5 in)
  • May: 135 mm (5.3 in)
  • June: 100 mm (3.9 in)
  • July: 62 mm (2.4 in)
  • August: 55 mm (2.2 in)
  • September: 67 mm (2.7 in)
  • October: 118 mm (4.7 in)
  • November: 66 mm (2.6 in)
  • December: 64 mm (2.5 in)

Optimal Visiting Seasons: The mild spring and autumn months are recommended for visiting. Individuals can expect pleasant temperatures, ideal for outdoor activities, during March through May and September through November.

Peak Rainfall: During May and October, expect higher rainfall. These are the rainiest months, which may impact outdoor plans.

Tips for Visitors: Those planning to visit during rainier times should consider indoor attractions. Conversely, visits during excessively hot months, specifically June to August, should include measures to stay cool, as temperatures consistently soar into uncomfortably high ranges.

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