The Rise of Craft Breweries in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex


You’re in the heart of a craft beer surge in Dallas Fort Worth. Since 2011, the area has changed a lot. About 10 new breweries open each year. They cater to your taste for unique, quality beer. You’re not just drinking beer. You’re tasting local culture and creativity. The community thrives on events and unity. Rahr & Sons and Celestial Beerworks lead. You’re witnessing a beer revolution. Explore, and find the innovation and passion in this vibrant scene.

Key Takeaways

  • Since 2011, the DFW area has experienced a surge in craft breweries. About 10 new ones open each year.
  • The people’s thirst for unique, handcrafted beers fuels this market in DFW.
  • Breweries like Rahr & Sons and Deep Ellum Brewing Co. have made their mark. They have won over a dozen awards at the Great American Beer Festival.
  • New technology helps DFW brewers work better. They can now try out new flavors and styles of beer.
  • The community’s support and brewery events have built a strong, growing craft beer culture in DFW.

Historical Overview

Since 2011, the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex has witnessed a boom in craft breweries. Each year, about 10 new ones open. This growth has made it a key player in the craft beer world. You’ve probably seen more local brews on tap at bars and restaurants. This shows the area’s breweries are making quality, innovative beers.

The competition is tough. It drives each brewery to create standout beers. These efforts have earned over a dozen awards from the Great American Beer Festival. This confirms the Metroplex’s reputation for top-notch craft beer. This acclaim encourages more growth and attracts new breweries to the Dallas Fort Worth craft beer scene.

Consumer Shifts and Trends

Reflecting a broader trend, DFW consumers now prefer unique, local beers. This shift drives the region’s craft beer market to new heights. You are part of a community that values quality, handcrafted brews. This is not just a trend; it’s changing the local craft beer scene.

The growth of microbreweries in DFW meets your demand for unique, local drinks. You seek an experience, a taste of local culture and creativity found in these brews. Your support powers this thriving scene, showing how your tastes fuel the growth of new breweries in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

You lead the movement towards a diverse, vibrant craft beer market. Your enthusiasm for quality, flavorful craft beers drives microbrewery expansion and the evolution of the DFW craft beer scene.

Local Support and Community

In the DFW Metroplex heart, local breweries do more than make beer. They build community. Here, every beer links to the spirit and strength of the neighborhood.

Breweries here are key to more than just a drink. They bind people, supporting the area in several ways:

  • Events and Tastings: They gather folks, building bonds.
  • Local Artists and Musicians: They spotlight local talent, giving them a stage.
  • Charity and Local Causes: They help the community’s health.
  • Economic Growth and Jobs: They boost the economy, creating jobs and growing the craft beer scene.

These actions make brewpubs and taprooms more than beer spots. They’re vital to the DFW Metroplex’s community, fostering a sense of unity and purpose.

Technological Advancements

Technological advances transform the DFW craft beer world. They bring top-notch brewing gear within reach. Now, DFW brewers achieve precision in fermentation, temperature, and brewing easily. What’s behind this change? The rise of automation and custom software for craft beer.

Automation ushers in a new era of efficiency and consistency in making beer. It’s not just about speed; it’s about improving quality every time. Also, software changes how brewers create recipes, manage inventory, and ensure quality. These tools let brewers explore new flavors and styles, once deemed impossible.

In short, technology is a catalyst for innovation in the DFW craft beer scene. It helps brewers perfect their art, experiment, and offer outstanding beer experiences.

Popular Options in DFW

Intrinsic Smokehouse Brewery + BBQ Catering

At Intrinsic, the beers are just the start. Here, barbecue elevates the experience. The Garland brewery offers more than just great beer. They introduced Mission Mix Berlinerweise, a unique brew with Tang, and partnered with Scoop and Buns for the Ube Baltic Porter, a limited-edition treat. While safer choices are available, adventure tastes better.

Lakewood Brewing Company

You can’t discuss DFW stouts without Lakewood. Their Temptress stout, with variations like peanut butter and salted caramel, dominates the region. Lakewood brews seasonal beers across styles, offering a seven-day-a-week taproom in Garland. The new kitchen serves everything from salads and wraps to hearty barbecue brisket sandwiches and flatbread pizzas, sourcing meat from Intrinsic Smokehouse.

On Rotation Brewery & Kitchen

On Rotation boasts over 40 rotating taps. The standout, I Woke Up Like This, channels Beyoncé with its mimosa flavor, combining heavy wheat, bright, orangey hops, and orange juice. Pair it with their signature gluten-free fried chicken for a memorable brunch.

Celestial Beerworks

Celestial Beerworks masters New England-inspired IPAs. The brewery doubles as an art haven, adorned with vibrant paintings and installations, delighting art lovers.

Texas Ale Project

At Texas Ale Project, blues and brews blend seamlessly. Live music is a staple here, influencing beer names like the Pantera golden ale and the 100 Million Angels Singing double IPA.

Trinity Cider

In Deep Ellum, Trinity Cider excels in a wide range of ciders. Favorites include CideBoob, with a hint of watermelon, and Mother Smucker, reminiscent of peanut butter and jelly. For non-drinkers, Apples Anonymous offers a non-alcoholic choice.

Four Corners Brewing Company

Four Corners celebrates Latinx culture with great food and beers. It’s a cultural hub, equipped for trivia, game nights, and hosting art walks and markets outdoors. Notable beers include the El Chingon IPA and Sandia Fresca watermelon ale.

Bishop Cider Company

Bishop Cider opts for coziness over size. Enjoy popular ciders like Apple Pineapple in a snug setting, perfect for games with friends.

Key Players and Pioneers

a person pouring a craft beer

In Dallas Fort Worth, the craft beer scene thrives. Rahr & Sons began in 2004. They paved the way. Deep Ellum Brewing Co. quickly followed, building on that foundation. Now, Peticolas Brewing Co. brings new energy. They innovate, keeping the scene alive and diverse.

Founding Brewery Innovators

In Dallas Fort Worth, key breweries like Yegua Creek Brewing (now located by Austin) and Franconia Brewing Co. led the craft beer revolution. They built more than beer. They built a community that values local, quality, creativity.

  • In 1993, Yegua Creek Brewing opened. It was one of Dallas’s first, introducing craft beer.
  • Franconia Brewing Co. brought German brewing to Fort Worth in 2008, enriching tastes.
  • Deep Ellum Brewing Co. and Peticolas Brewing Co., started in 2011, brought new ideas and community spirit, becoming favorites.
  • Pioneers like Moon Under Water and Copper Tank in the 1990s helped shape Dallas’s beer culture.

Emerging Brew Stars

In recent years, Celestial Beerworks and Turning Point Beer have risen in the Dallas Fort Worth craft beer world. They join pioneers like Rahr & Sons Brewery, Deep Ellum Brewing Co., Peticolas Brewing Co., and Franconia Brewing Co. Rahr & Sons is known for Texas beers and community work. Deep Ellum Brewing Co. stands out for bold beers. Peticolas Brewing Co. specializes in high-quality, small-batch beers. Franconia Brewing Co. follows German brewing traditions.

Dallas’ Community Beer Co. and Fort Worth’s Martin House Brewing Company were among the top five craft brewers in the state.  Dallas-based Manhattan Project and McKinney’s Tupps Brewery continue to excel.  Even a little further out at Revolver Brewing in beautiful Granbury continues to be popular.  Even Oak Cliff is in the game with the appropriately named Oak Cliff Brewing Co.

Economic Impact

Craft breweries in the Dallas Fort Worth area do more than brew beer. They create jobs, boost local revenue, and attract tourists. They impact the economy. Let’s look at how they make a difference, from jobs to drawing visitors.

Job Creation Surge

Craft breweries in the Dallas Fort Worth area have sparked a job boom, creating over 6,000 roles in hospitality and service. This boom shows the economic might of craft breweries. They boost the local economy and job growth.

  • Jobs: The craft brewing scene draws a wide range of workers.
  • Economic Boost: They make a big mark on the local economy by creating jobs.
  • Diversity: Craft breweries lead in bringing diverse faces to hospitality and service.
  • Job Growth: The rise in jobs underlines the importance of craft breweries in Dallas Fort Worth’s economy.

Local Revenue Boost

The craft brewery boom in Dallas Fort Worth adds more than $3.5 billion a year to the local economy. It creates over 25,000 jobs, involving brewery workers, distributors, and retailers. This industry boosts local revenue by 15% each year. Craft breweries are key to the Metroplex’s economy, from brewing to serving. They are significant for tax income, enriching local government funds. While their impact on tourism is worth noting, the main point is clear: craft breweries are vital to the Metroplex’s economic engine.

Brewery Tourism Growth

The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex has seen brewery tourism jump by 25%, boosting the area’s economy. This surge reflects the thriving craft beer scene and the smart tactics pulling in visitors. Here’s how the Metroplex is cashing in on the trend:

  • It held the biggest beer festival in the region, with over 50 breweries, drawing thousands.
  • It kicked off a beer passport program, getting locals and tourists to visit various breweries.
  • It teamed up with local artists for unique beer can designs, blending art with beer.
  • These efforts have made the Metroplex a key spot for brewery tourism, sparking more growth in the craft beer world.

Future Projections

Looking ahead, expect the craft brewery scene in Dallas Fort Worth to grow. Each year, about 10 new breweries will open. This growth is impressive. Local breweries have won over a dozen awards at the Great American Beer Festival in two years. They’re also winning on national stages, showing the innovation of the Metroplex’s craft beer.

But, this growth brings challenges. With more breweries, it’s hard to stand out. It’s not enough to make great beer. Breweries must offer a unique experience, connect with the community, and find new ways to grow. The future is bright for craft breweries in Dallas Fort Worth. Yet, those who innovate and adapt will lead.


Craft breweries have grown in Dallas-Fort Worth. People want unique, local beers. This shift and technology helped. The community supported. This growth created jobs and helped the economy. The future looks good for local beer, with more innovation expected. Cheers to what comes next.

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