Is Fort Worth a Good Place to Live?


Fort Worth, Texas, is a vibrant city known for its affordable living, robust job market, rich cultural heritage, and diverse community. Ranking as the fifth largest city in Texas and the twelfth in the United States, Fort Worth offers residents a balanced lifestyle with its lower-than-average living costs and no state income tax.

The city’s strong job market, bolstered by significant job growth, attracts many professionals seeking career opportunities. With a rich cultural scene, numerous educational institutions, and welcoming neighborhoods, Fort Worth is not just a place to live but a place to thrive.

Key Takeaways

  • Fort Worth’s living costs are low, 7% below the national average. Housing is affordable.
  • The city’s job market is strong. It ranked 17th in the US for job growth in 2021.
  • It has a rich culture with museums, live shows, and the historic Fort Worth Stockyards.
  • There are many educational options, from public and private schools to higher education.
  • Fort Worth has a diverse community. Its neighborhoods are vibrant and welcoming.

Fort Worth Overview

the Fort Worth Stockyards

Fort Worth ranks as the 5th largest in Texas and the 12th in the US. The city offers jobs and culture at a low cost. People are moving here, especially to the north. It’s growing.

Homes are 21% cheaper than the US average. Texas has no state income tax but does have relatively high property taxes. The city’s job market is strong, 17th in the US for growth in 2021. Jobs are plentiful in many fields.

Employment Opportunities

This vibrant city, part of the bustling DFW area, draws Fortune 500 companies with its low living costs and no state income tax. For job seekers, this means:

  1. A wide range of job opportunities.
  2. Chances to work in top companies and sectors.
  3. Good prospects for career advancement.
  4. A stable and varied job market.

Fort Worth’s job market is booming. It’s a great place for those looking to move up in their careers or start fresh in a city committed to economic growth and job creation.

Industry Diversity

Explore Fort Worth’s diverse job scene. Manufacturing, aviation, aerospace, and oil industries thrive here. It’s not just culture; it’s an economic force. Fortune 500 companies like American Airlines offer great careers. Aerospace leaders Bell and Lockheed Martin provide specialized jobs. The Naval Air Station adds unique military roles. With a low unemployment rate of 3.3%, Fort Worth’s job market is strong and stable.

Education and Schools

Moving to Fort Worth? Think about education quality. The city boasts strong public schools and higher education. It’s committed to academic excellence and student growth. Fort Worth has great options, public or private, for every family.

School District Quality

Fort Worth ISD serves over 84,000 students in 145 schools. It offers more than basic education. It enriches lives with diverse programs. Here’s what sets it apart:

  1. Fine Arts Programs: Boosts creativity and thinking skills.
  2. STEM Programs: Readies students for future tech.
  3. Private Schools: Another option, averaging $10,593/year in tuition.
  4. Dual Enrollment Programs: Students can get a high school diploma and an associate’s degree at the same time.

These elements ensure a full education. They stress the need for both academic and practical skills. Fort Worth provides strong education options, public or private.

Higher Education Opportunities

Higher Education Opportunities

Texas Christian University, Tarrant County College, Texas Wesleyan University, and the University of North Texas Health Science Center stand out as top higher education opportunities for residents. They offer a wide range of programs. From medicine to business, and beyond, these schools meet many educational needs.

Fort Worth high schools shine in academics and offer many extracurricular options. From arts to STEM, these programs enrich learning. They help students achieve more outside classrooms.

Consider these points:

  1. Fort Worth ISD has 145+ public schools with varied programs.
  2. Both public and private schools focus on fine arts and STEM.
  3. Private schools offer specific learning paths and opportunities. Average tuition is $10,593.
  4. Some students can get dual diplomas or associate degrees. This shows Fort Worth’s push for higher education.

Cultural Attractions

The city boasts museums, live shows, and historic sites. Fort Worth’s cultural scene suits many interests. Enjoy the Modern Art Museum and Kimbell Art Museum’s art collections. Catch live shows at Bass Performance Hall. The Fort Worth Stockyards bring the city’s Western past to life.

the Kimbell art museum

Families will love the Fort Worth Zoo and the National Cowgirl Museum. Both offer fun, educational experiences. Don’t miss Billy Bob’s for local events, rodeos, and country music. These highlight Fort Worth’s lively culture.

Modern Art MuseumDisplays contemporary art in a beautiful setting.
Kimbell Art MuseumHolds a famous art collection.
Bass Performance HallOffers live shows.
Fort Worth StockyardsShares Western history.
Fort Worth ZooProvides fun, educational outings for families.

Fort Worth’s culture is rich and inviting.

Outdoor and Recreational Activities

The city welcomes those who love nature and history. It offers much to see and do.

  1. Trinity Park is a place for biking and hiking. It has over 40 miles of trails through beautiful landscapes.
  2. The Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge is for those who love nature. It covers 3,600 acres with many ecosystems. Here, you can see wildlife in their natural settings.
  3. NRH2O Waterpark offers fun with water. It has 17 acres and 23 attractions for families and thrill-seekers.
  4. The Fort Worth Stockyards show cowboy culture. It has rodeos and history, offering a look into the past.

The Fort Worth Stockyards show cowboy culture

Fort Worth has more than these four places for outdoor fun. It commits to offering activities for all. Whether you seek nature’s calm, water park excitement, or cowboy culture, Fort Worth has adventures and stories to tell.

Neighborhoods and Living Spaces

For urban lovers, vibrant neighborhoods await. Downtown Fort Worth buzzes with life. Here, modern urban apartments are close to work, fun, and food. If you prefer quiet, spacious homes, consider Southlake or Keller. These areas are safe, family-friendly, and have top schools.

Fort Worth’s neighborhoods vary. You’ll find historic districts and new areas with modern comforts. Whether you love outdoor activities or local culture, Fort Worth has a spot for you. You’ll always find a welcoming community.

Climate and Weather Patterns

Exploring neighborhoods is key to knowing Fort Worth. But, understanding its climate and weather is crucial too. The city’s summers are hot and muggy, with July as the peak. Temperatures often hit above 100°F. Air conditioning becomes essential.

In Fort Worth weather can change fast. Its location in Tornado Alley means a higher tornado risk during some seasons. Hail storms also hit, adding to the weather’s unpredictability.

Fort Worth shines with about 229 sunny days annually. This offers many chances to enjoy being outside. Knowing the climate helps appreciate Fort Worth fully.

Safety and Crime Rates

Fort Worth’s crime rate is 29% better than many U.S. cities. This makes the city safer. The Fort Worth Police Department (FWPD) helps keep it this way.

In 2021, property crimes, homicides, and robberies went down. This shows that the police and community efforts are working. Still, crime rates differ by neighborhood. Generally one will find northwest Fort Worth is the safest part.

Community and Lifestyle

Fort Worth is home to nearly one million people. Its community is vibrant and inclusive, with a 33% Hispanic population. This mix of cultures shines in events, restaurants, and schools. It makes everyone feel at home.

Living in Fort Worth means joining a community that values diversity and offers many ways to live, learn, and have fun.


Fort Worth is vibrant. It has culture, affordable living, and jobs. Schools are good. Neighborhoods are friendly. The community lives richly. Summers are hot, but it’s okay. Safety needs watching, but the city does well. You want city life or quiet suburbs, Fort Worth fits. It’s a fine home.

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