How Long Does It Take to Get From Fort Worth to Dallas?


Traveling between Fort Worth and Dallas is a common journey for many in the Metroplex, whether it’s for work, leisure, or simply to explore what each city has to offer. The duration of the trip largely depends on your mode of transportation and the specific start and end points within each city.

Key Takeaways

  • The journey from Fort Worth to Dallas changes with the travel method: buses take 40 minutes, trains 58 minutes, and cars or taxis 36 minutes.
  • Fort Worth sits 30 miles from Dallas.
  • Busy hours can stretch travel times.
  • Buses, running 42 times a week, start at $3. They’re cheap and dependable.
  • Taxis or personal cars make the trip in 36 minutes. Fares hover between $80 and $100, offering direct service.

Overview of Options

Downtown Dallas

Travelers from Fort Worth to Dallas have many ways to go. These include buses, trains, taxis, and personal cars. Each has its own benefit in cost and time. The bus is a good mix of fast and cheap. It takes about 40 minutes and runs 42 times a week. For the lowest cost, take the train. It’s slower, about 58 minutes, but saves money.

If you need speed, choose a taxi or drive. It’s the quickest at 36 minutes. These are best if you’re in a hurry or want to go directly to your destination. Many companies offer these services, giving you choices for your trip. This variety lets you pick what matters most to you: price, time, or schedule.

Travel by Bus

After looking at ways to travel from Fort Worth to Dallas, we see the bus as a smart choice. It’s quick and affordable. The trip usually takes about 40 minutes. This is fast for the distance.

Here’s why choosing the bus is smart:

  • Cost: Tickets start at $3. It’s cheap.
  • Convenience and Frequency: There are 42 weekly services. It’s easy to fit into your schedule.
  • Reliability: The bus services are dependable.
  • Speed: The trip takes about 40 minutes. It’s fast.

The bus shines for its affordability, reliability, and many services. Whether you’re going to Dallas for work or fun, the bus makes sense. It’s convenient and efficient.

Taking the Train

Taking the train from Fort Worth to Dallas is a good choice. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit runs it. The ride is 58 minutes. It’s comfortable. You can work or relax. The view between the cities is nice.

Train tickets are cheap. It’s a smart way to save money. The train is good for work or fun. It’s not expensive.

The train schedule is reliable. No need to worry about traffic. The ride is smooth and on time. If you want a stress-free trip between Fort Worth and Dallas, take the train.

downtown Fort Worth Texas

Taxi Travel Time

Needing a quick journey from Fort Worth to Dallas? Take a taxi. It’s fast. Only 36 minutes. It’s easy, too. No public transport hassles. No traffic stress.

Taxis mean more than time. They mean a stress-free trip. Here’s why:

  • Door-to-Door Service: Taxis go straight from start to end. No stops or walks needed.
  • Estimated Fare: Costs $80 to $100. Worth it for the ease and directness.
  • Professional Drivers: Safe hands drive. Relax, work, or enjoy the view.
  • Amenities: Comfortable seats and air conditioning make the 32-mile trip enjoyable.

Choosing a taxi isn’t just about speed. It’s about the journey’s quality.

Driving Yourself

When driving from Fort Worth to Dallas, know the traffic. Different routes have their own good and bad, depending on the time. Let’s see how this affects your drive and decisions.

Traffic Conditions Impact

Traffic matters a lot when going from Fort Worth to Dallas. It can make your trip twice as long during busy times.

  • Busy morning and evening hours can make your trip longer between these cities.
  • Use navigation apps like Google Maps to find the best way through traffic.
  • Traveling when it’s not busy can make a big difference and help you skip most of the traffic.
  • Normally, it takes about 36 minutes to drive, but traffic can change that a lot.

Route Choices Explained

Understanding traffic’s role, let’s look at your choices for driving from Fort Worth to Dallas. The 35-mile trip can vary in time. Here’s a brief comparison for route choices and other transport methods.

ModeDistance (miles)Travel Time (minutes)
Drive (Self)3536

Driving or taking a taxi are fast, each around 36 minutes. Yet, for the cheapest way, choose the train, even if it’s slower. Remember, the best choice depends on what you value: speed, cost, or ease.

Distance and Directions

The journey from Fort Worth to Dallas spans roughly 32 miles. Planning your route, whether by car or bus, is key for a smooth trip. Here are simple points to remember for efficient travel.

  • Distance: The direct line between Fort Worth and Dallas measures around 32 miles. The route you choose may change the actual distance.
  • Travel Time: Driving typically takes about 36 minutes, without traffic. Buses can be faster, often around 40 minutes.
  • Driving Directions: Use platforms like Google Maps or MapQuest for precise directions. They offer detailed routes for easy navigation.
  • Bus Travel: For speed without driving, take a bus. It’s efficient and lets you unwind.

Peak Traffic Hours

Understanding peak traffic is key for a better road trip from Fort Worth to Dallas. Peak hours are from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Travel outside these times to cut down on travel time and avoid crowds.


  • Stay off I-30 and I-35W during busy hours.
  • Expect 10-15 minutes more travel time during peak congestion.
  • Plan to drive outside of 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM for a smoother trip.
  • Use apps like Google Maps or Waze for live updates and best travel times.


You want to go from Fort Worth to Dallas. You have choices. Take a bus, a train, a taxi, or drive. The trip is simple, the distance short. Plan your trip. Think about where to stay in Dallas. Then, explore more. Getting there is easy. Pack, go, enjoy.

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