Guide to the Major and Minor Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex Sports Teams


Explore the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex sports. It’s a place of giants in major leagues and dynamos in minor ones. The Texas Rangers have made eight playoff runs. The Dallas Stars won the 1999 Stanley Cup. The Dallas Mavericks took the 2011 NBA Championship. The Dallas Cowboys boast five Super Bowl victories. Beyond these, local teams like the Frisco RoughRiders and the Texas AirHogs fill baseball’s appetite. Hockey has the Stars. Soccer has FC Dallas. Basketball fans follow the Mavericks and Wings. Your journey into Dallas Fort Worth sports starts now. It promises more excitement.

Pictured:  Hall of Fame QB Roger Staubach

Key Takeaways

  • The Dallas Cowboys, champions of 5 Super Bowls, they steer the football craze.
  • The Texas Rangers, with 1 big world series win and 8 trips to the playoffs, excel in baseball.
  • The Dallas Stars, victors of the 1999 Stanley Cup, shine in hockey.
  • The Dallas Mavericks, crowned NBA champions in 2011, rule basketball with a hot star in Luka Doncic.
  • FC Dallas and North Texas SC offer varied soccer choices.

Major League Highlights

In Dallas Fort Worth, major league teams shine. The Texas Rangers, since 1961, have hit hard at Globe Life Field. They’ve made the playoffs eight times, showing grit and skill. Fans love them.

The Dallas Stars rule the ice at the American Airlines Center. Their 1999 Stanley Cup win shows their toughness. The Dallas Mavericks, led by Dirk Nowitzki, won the NBA championship in 2011. They fought hard for it.

Each team wears its colors with pride. They have unique mascots. The Dallas Cowboys, with their star, have won five Super Bowls. They’re a big part of Dallas Fort Worth’s sports heart.

Football Frenzy

Explore Dallas Fort Worth. It’s alive with football. From the Dallas Cowboys’ five Super Bowl wins to TCU’s victories. The love for football here goes deep. It covers the NFL, college, and more.

Here’s what sets Dallas Fort Worth football apart:

TCU Horned Frogs logo

  1. The Dallas Cowboys: They’ve won five Super Bowls and eight NFC championships. They’re more than a team. They’re a legend.
  2. TCU Football: Since 2012, under Sonny Dykes, they’ve become a collegiate powerhouse.
  3. Texas Wesleyan Football: An NAIA team on the rise. They won a conference championship in 2022. They’re building a $16 million stadium.
  4. The Arlington Renegades: They were part of the XFL. They added to the football scene.

Football in North Texas is rich, thrilling, and storied. It’s a place for lovers of the game.  Of course the foundation is built on the Texas wide love of high school football.

Baseball and Beyond

President George H. W. Bush with son, George W. Bush, and baseball broadcaster, Joe Morgan, in the Texas Rangers locker room, 1991. Future president George W. Bush (far right) owned the Rangers from 1989 to 1994
President George H. W. Bush with son, George W. Bush, and baseball broadcaster, Joe Morgan, in the Texas Rangers locker room, 1991. Future president George W. Bush (far right) owned the Rangers from 1989 to 1994

In baseball, the Texas Rangers stand out with a Bush presidential legacy. They’ve made eight MLB postseason appearances and won it all with the World Series in 2023. They play in Globe Life Field in Arlington. The atmosphere there is electric, unmatched in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The new indoor stadium offers more than just baseball; it’s a place where every game is an experience.

But there’s more to local baseball than the Rangers. The Frisco RoughRiders offer a closer, more intimate baseball experience. Their Minor League games are ideal for family outings, away from the bigger crowds.

The Texas AirHogs play in the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball. They bring a different flavor to the local baseball scene, showing the sport outside conventional leagues. It proves the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s deep love for baseball, providing various ways to enjoy the game.

For anyone, die-hard fan or casual visitor, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex’s professional sports teams offer something special.

Ice Hockey Excitement

In the heart of Dallas Fort Worth, the Dallas Stars light up the ice. Since 1967, their name stands strong in ice hockey, crowned by the 1999 Stanley Cup win. Their battles at the American Airlines Center aren’t mere games; they’re electrifying spectacles drawing crowds from everywhere.

Why you should see a Dallas Stars game:

  1. Historical Prestige: Their Cup victory marks them as elite, showcasing top-tier ice hockey.
  2. Atmospheric Venue: The American Airlines Center offers unmatched views and a charged atmosphere, fueled by fervent fans.
  3. Iconic Mascot: Victor E. Green adds fun and spirit, making every game memorable.
  4. Distinctive Colors: Victory green signifies their spirit, uniting fans in a visible wave of support.

Dallas Stars games deliver unmatched excitement, appealing to both avid and new ice hockey fans.  They are supported by the The Texas Stars, based in Cedar Park, the Dallas Stars current American Hockey League affiliate.

Court-side Action

American Airlines Center Dallas
American Airlines Center Dallas

Basketball fans dive deep into the action with teams like the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Wings. They showcase skill and excitement. In the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, watching professional basketball is more than a game. It’s joining a live sports culture. The Dallas Mavericks, in the NBA, thrill fans with dynamic plays. Their mascots, Champ and MavsMan, add fun to every match.

The Dallas Wings, in the WNBA, let fans support women’s basketball. They have a loyal following. Attending a Wings game supports female athletes striving for greatness. The atmosphere is electric, the skill level high. It’s a must for basketball lovers.

The Texas Legends, in the NBA G League, bring future stars to Dallas. They offer exciting basketball. For avid fans or those seeking a lively sports event, Dallas welcomes you to the courtside.

The Soccer Scene

The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex thrills soccer fans. It offers a variety of teams, from Major League Soccer to local leagues.

Here are four key parts of the Metroplex’s soccer scene:

  1. FC Dallas: The top soccer draw in Frisco, FC Dallas plays at Toyota Stadium. They bring professional soccer’s excitement to the area, attracting fans from all over.
  2. North Texas Soccer Club: This team, FC Dallas’s reserve squad, competes in USL League One. They’re crucial for developing local talent and showing the future of soccer in North Texas.
  3. Dallas Sidekicks: For those who enjoy indoor soccer, the Sidekicks offer a fast, skillful game in the MASL.
  4. Fort Worth Vaqueros: In the NPSL Lone Star Conference, the Vaqueros connect soccer’s global appeal with the local community. They have a strong fan base and celebrate soccer’s inclusive spirit.

Emerging Sports Teams

In Dallas Fort Worth, new sports teams are making waves. Panther City Lacrosse shows skill at Dickies Arena. The Ariat Texas Rattlers excite with bullriding. The Fort Worth Vaqueros play strong soccer. These teams gain fans and promise bright futures. Let’s see their stories and what’s next.

New Teams Emerge

Fort Worth’s sports scene is growing. Teams like Panther City Lacrosse and Ariat Texas Rattlers are new. They bring fresh energy. Here’s what matters:

  1. Panther City Lacrosse joined the National Lacrosse League. They play at Dickies Arena.
  2. Ariat Texas Rattlers is Fort Worth’s first pro bull-riding team. They compete in the PBR Team Series League, at Dickies Arena too.
  3. Fort Worth Vaqueros play soccer in the NPSL Lone Star Conference. Their home is W.O. Barnes Stadium.


You now know the major and minor sports teams of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Cheer on the football teams, root for baseball, enjoy hockey, watch basketball, and celebrate soccer. Emerging sports are growing. Your sports journey in DFW starts now. Wear your colors. Support your teams.

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