Guide to the Largest School Districts in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex


The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex boasts some of the largest and most diverse school districts in Texas, catering to a rapidly growing student population. From innovative programs to extensive extracurricular activities, these districts offer a wealth of opportunities to their students. Here’s a look at some of the largest school districts in the area, highlighting their unique features and educational approaches.

W. W. Samuell High School

Key Takeaways

  • Dallas ISD hosts 143,558 students in 237 schools. It’s the largest.
  • Fort Worth ISD values diversity, with a 14:1 student-teacher ratio.
  • Frisco ISD pushes for innovation, preparing students for college.
  • Arlington ISD graduates 91% of its students and provides many learning paths.
  • Garland ISD fosters care and offers numerous extracurriculars.

Dallas Independent School District

The Dallas Independent School District (DISD) serves 143,558 students in 237 schools. It’s a big part of education in Dallas, Texas. DISD is known for welcoming everyone and having a mix of students. The district aims to help every student grow in their learning.

People give DISD an average of 3.9 stars on Niche, from 805 reviews. This shows many think highly of the district. DISD works hard to meet students’ needs and make sure every student feels important.

In DISD, inclusivity is key. It’s part of what every school does. With its wide reach, DISD plays a big role in Dallas’s education scene. It offers growth and learning for students, parents, and teachers.

Fort Worth Independent School District

Fort Worth Independent School District

Meet the Fort Worth Independent School District. It stands as a pillar of education in Fort Worth, home to 74,850 students in 140 schools. We’ll dive into its unique academic programs and look at how budget and funding impact its work. Despite hurdles, its devotion to diversity and excellent education remains clear. It shows a complex yet focused effort to educate students.

Enrollment Numbers Overview

Dallas F. Nicholas Sr. Elementary School

It is the biggest school district in Fort Worth, playing a key role in public education. It offers a wide range of learning settings, from elementary to high schools. The district maintains a student-teacher ratio of about 14:1. This shows its focus on giving each student the attention they need to succeed. With an 80% graduation rate, Fort Worth ISD shows its dedication to student achievement. It ranks 652nd in Texas, based on various educational measures. The district strives to improve and deliver top-quality education to its diverse students.

Academic Programs Highlights

Fort Worth ISD shines with its wide array of academic programs. It aims to serve every student’s needs and goals. The district, with its 140 schools, embraces innovative teaching to drive student success. It readies learners for future challenges. The district offers programs like advanced placement and magnet options, designed for its 74,850 students. It also values the fine arts, giving students chances to grow creatively. Through these offerings, Fort Worth ISD creates a space where each student can reach their full potential.

Budget and Funding Insights

Fort Worth ISD manages a yearly budget of over $800 million. This budget comes from local taxes, state funds, and federal grants. The district uses these funds for special education, technology, and staff training. This aims to improve student learning. The district decides where to use funds based on student needs, school data, and priorities. Yet, balancing these needs with the budget is a challenge. Fort Worth ISD strives to offer quality education within its budget.

Frisco Independent School District

Moving from Fort Worth ISD, you see Frisco Independent School District. It grows fast. It brings new ways to learn. Families come here for good schools and many chances to learn. Frisco ISD cares about each student. It leads in education in Dallas Fort Worth.

Fort Worth High School

Rapid Enrollment Growth

In an evolving education landscape, Frisco Independent School District now serves over 65,000 students in 75 schools. This growth means more than numbers. It shows the district’s commitment to top-notch education and its wide offerings. Here’s why it matters:

  1. Rapid enrollment shows a community that trusts Frisco ISD for its quality education.
  2. The district offers varied courses, modern facilities, and broad sports and arts programs. This ensures students get a full education.
  3. It aims to create college-ready graduates, showing its focus on student success outside the classroom.

Frisco ISD is not just growing. It’s becoming a benchmark for educational quality, making it a prime choice for families who want the best.

Innovative Education Programs

Frisco ISD leads in education with its wide range of courses and fresh initiatives. It sets a high bar for academic success. Its focus on tailored learning in up-to-date facilities prepares students for college like no other. Its top Niche Grade A+ shows the high quality of its education. Here are some standout features:

Program FeatureBenefitTarget Outcome
Diverse CoursesMeet varied interests and skillsBoost academic success
Fresh Teaching MethodsUse new ways to teachEncourage tailored learning
Modern FacilitiesOffer top-notch learning spacesReady students for college
Tailored LearningFit education to each studentReach academic and personal goals

Frisco Independent School District stands at the edge of education innovation.

Arlington Independent School District

Let’s dive into the Arlington Independent School District. It oversees 77 schools and serves more than 56,000 students. It focuses on fine arts and safety. Located in the DFW metroplex, Arlington ISD is one of the largest. It is known for its academic excellence, strong student support, and fine arts programs. Safety is key, ensuring a secure place for learning.

Here are three main points about Arlington ISD:

  1. High Academic Achievement: The district boasts a 91% graduation rate. With a 14:1 student-teacher ratio, students get the attention they need to succeed.
  2. Varied Learning Options: Arlington ISD offers many programs. From STEM to the arts and vocational training, there’s something for everyone.
  3. Focus on Fine Arts and Safety: Beyond academics, the district lets students explore art safely. It offers a complete learning experience.

Arlington ISD’s commitment to a balanced education and its range of programs mark it as a leading district in the DFW area.

Garland Independent School District

Garland Independent School District, with 72 schools, serves 53,674 students. It offers many educational opportunities in Garland, Texas. This district stands out for its academic success and supportive learning environment. Garland ISD does more than teach. It enriches students’ lives with many extracurricular activities.

Here are the basics:

  • Location: Garland, Texas
  • Schools: 72
  • Students: 53,674
  • Grade: A-

With a 4.1 rating out of 5 from 251 reviews, Garland Independent School District shines in Texas. It creates a nurturing place. Students can grow in learning and life. Garland ISD gives many chances to explore interests and learn new things.

Plano Independent School District

Plano Independent School District serves many students. It offers special magnet programs for different interests. The district focuses on top-notch education. It prepares students for the world. Here’s why it stands out:

  1. Many Magnet Programs: You’ll find programs in STEM, arts, or languages. These programs fit your interests and prepare you for the future.
  2. AP Courses: PISD has many AP courses. These courses challenge you and prepare you for college.
  3. High Graduation Rates & Success: The district aims for more than graduation. Its students do well in competitions. This shows the district’s commitment to excellence and activities outside the classroom.

In PISD, you’re prepared for the world. With focus on studies, magnet programs, and success, Plano Independent School District helps you reach your best.

Lewisville Independent School District

Transitioning from the notable Plano Independent School District, we delve into the Lewisville Independent School District (LISD), a significant force in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex’s educational scene. LISD, larger with over 53,000 students across 78 campuses, excels in creating a diverse and welcoming space for all students.

LISD offers a broad array of academic and extracurricular options. Whether interests lie in arts, sciences, or sports, LISD has something for everyone, allowing students to dive deep into their passions.

Moreover, LISD boasts a student-teacher ratio of 15:1. This ratio means personalized attention and support, key for academic achievement. The district’s focus on excellence is evident in its high graduation rates and performance, marking it as an educational leader.


You have now seen the largest school districts in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. These range from Dallas ISD to Lewisville ISD. Each district has its own strengths and challenges, showing the varied educational scene here. You might look into Plano ISD’s academic programs or Fort Worth ISD’s community involvement. With this knowledge, you can choose wisely for your or your family’s education in this lively Texas area. Keep looking to find the right match.

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