10 Athentic DFW Mexican Restaurants Off the Beaten Path


There is no doubt that the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex is a hot spot for finding authentic Mexican flavors. The area boasts a variety of eateries serving up exquisite dishes that highlight traditional cooking techniques and ingredients. Many are highly rated and well known restaurants.  There are definitely a wide range of hidden gems to find authentic options including everything form street-style tacos to complex moles!

Finding the best spots for authentic Mexican cuisine can be a delightful journey through the diverse neighborhoods of Dallas and Fort Worth.

Whether you’re a longtime resident or a visitor, these off the beaten path restaurants offer an authentic taste of Mexico that is both satisfying and memorable.

1) Villa Grande Mexican Restaurant

Villa Grande Mexican Restaurant is a warm, family-friendly eatery. It offers a variety of Mexican staples, including tacos, fajitas, and tequila drinks. It’s a spot where families and friends can gather and enjoy a meal together. The atmosphere feels welcoming and cozy, making it a great place for any occasion.

The food at Villa Grande Mexican Restaurant is authentic and delicious. Each dish is prepared with care, reflecting the rich culinary traditions of Mexico. The menu provides a wide range of options, from savory tacos to hearty fajitas. The ingredients are fresh, and the flavors are vibrant.

Service at Villa Grande is friendly and efficient. The staff is attentive and ensures that every guest feels comfortable and satisfied. The restaurant seems to have a good reputation for both food and service.

Rating: 4.2 (1739 reviews)
Location: 4120 TX-360 #101, Fort Worth, TX 76155
Contact: (817) 571-7299
Website: Visit Website

2) Casa El Torito Authentic Mexican Food

Casa El Torito is a fantastic spot for those craving genuine Mexican flavors. Located in Fort Worth, this restaurant specializes in a wide variety of Mexican dishes. From breakfast to lunch, you’ll find tacos, burritos, and other Tex-Mex favorites on their menu.

The ambiance at Casa El Torito is welcoming and warm. It’s the kind of place where families and friends can gather for a nice meal. The restaurant’s commitment to authenticity really shows in the taste and presentation of their dishes. The prices are reasonable, making it a great option for frequent visits.

Rating: 4.5 (243 reviews)
Location: 6256 McCart Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76133
Contact: (817) 940-6644
Website: Visit Website

3) Avila’s Mexican Restaurant

We had to add one long time favorite – so maybe not so hidden!  Avila’s Mexican Restaurant has been a beloved spot in Dallas for over 30 years. Known for its authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine, it has won numerous awards across Texas. The restaurant offers an array of home-style dishes that bring the flavors of Mexico to your plate.

The menu boasts a variety of classic dishes like mole, pozole, and brisket tacos. The restaurant’s food has gained national attention, even making an appearance on the Food Network with Guy Fieri. Every bite feels like a comforting reminder of traditional Mexican cooking.

The salsa is spicy, and the margaritas are cold, making it a perfect spot to enjoy a meal with family or friends. Whether you are a local or visiting, this place offers a true taste of Mexican hospitality.

Rating: 4.5 (1493 reviews)
Location: 4714 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75219
Contact: (214) 520-2700
Website: Visit Website

4) Jalisco Norte

Jalisco Norte offers a culinary journey through Mexico with dishes crafted by Executive Chef José Meza. Located in Turtle Creek, Dallas, this restaurant captures the essence of Mexican culture with its rich, traditional flavors. From sopes to loaded tamales, each dish reflects the heritage and high-quality ingredients that Chef Meza values.

The ambiance of Jalisco Norte is ideal for a variety of events. They have unique spaces such as the “Casa de Arbol” or Treehouse, which provide a stylish and formal setting. This makes the restaurant a fitting choice for both casual dining and special occasions. Jalisco Norte stands out in the Dallas Fort Worth area for its dedication to authentic Mexican cuisine.

Rating: 4.4 (1043 reviews)
Location: 3858 Oak Lawn Ave #470, Dallas, TX 75219
Contact: (214) 443-5183
Website: Visit Website


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5) Lupita’s Restaurant

Lupita’s Restaurant is a favorite spot for authentic Mexican food in Dallas. Located on Fort Worth Ave, this place has gained a good reputation for serving delicious and traditional dishes.

The menu packed with classic Mexican flavors. Their Chilaquiles Verdes and Caldo de Res are perfectly seasoned with a tangy verde sauce.  The flavors are authentic and the portions are generous.

Rating: 4 (506 reviews)
Location: 1965 Fort Worth Ave, Dallas, TX 75208
Contact: (214) 941-7181

6) Beto & Son

If you’re in Dallas and crave Mexican food, Beto & Son is a top spot. This father-son joint offers a modern twist on traditional dishes. They use local ingredients to craft their meals, giving you a fresh and unique experience.

Their menu includes tacos, fajitas, and stacked enchiladas. One of their standout items is the frozen nitro margaritas. The restaurant also has a vegan menu, making it versatile for different dietary needs.

The vibe is casual and inviting, perfect for any gathering. The chef-to-table experience means your meal is made to order, ensuring maximum flavor and satisfaction.

Rating: 4.3 (3150 reviews)
Location: 3011 Gulden Ln #108, Dallas, TX 75212
Contact: (469) 249-8590
Website: Visit Website

7) Campuzano Mexican Food

Campuzano Mexican Food in Dallas is a popular spot for Tex-Mex lovers. The place is known for its generous portions and vibrant atmosphere. The restaurant serves classic Tex-Mex dishes, making it a go-to for hearty meals and tasty margaritas.

The portion sizes here are immense! The chicken/beef fajitas servings are large and the  rice beans, cheese, guacamole, and fresh veggies are all served on one large, rectangular plate. The meat and grilled veggies are served on another large plate altogether. A big enough meal to serve two hungry people!

Rating: 4.4 (2845 reviews)
Location: 2618 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219
Contact: (214) 526-0100
Website: Visit Website

8) Ojeda’s

Ojeda’s is a family-owned and operated restaurant that has been serving the Dallas area since 1969. Known for its Tex-Mex cuisine, this place is a favorite among locals. The colorful setting adds to the dining experience, making it a great spot for family gatherings and casual meals.

The menu features Tex-Mex standards that Texans love. You’ll find dishes like enchiladas, tamales, and their signature puffed tacos. The margaritas are also a hit, perfect for pairing with your meal. The food is satisfying without being overly complicated, which seems to keep customers coming back.

Ojeda’s has multiple locations, including Dallas, DeSoto, and Plano. Each location maintains the same quality and family-friendly atmosphere. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, Ojeda’s offers a welcoming environment.

Rating: 4.4 (4790 reviews)
Location: 4617 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75219
Contact: (214) 528-8383
Website: Visit Website

9) Don Pepe’s Rancho Mexican Grill

At Don Pepe’s Rancho Mexican Grill, the portions are big and the prices are fair. Their tortilla soup is huge, bigger than most, and the chips are always fresh. I often go for the nachos or enchiladas. The service is consistently friendly and welcoming, making every visit pleasant.

The food is amazing, especially their frozen margaritas which are both delicious and refreshing. I love getting the tacos here since I can mix and match different types, or order a la carte if I want more than three. The staff is always attentive and quick to bring extra napkins or crayons for kids.

Don Pepe’s outdoor patio is a treat, especially for families. The outdoor area overlooks a park with swings and a playground, perfect for kids to explore. While they play, I can enjoy a relaxing evening with refreshing margaritas. It’s a great spot for both family fun and a bit of relaxation.

Rating: 4.4 (689 reviews)
Location: 6959 Arapaho Rd Suite 120, Dallas, TX 75248
Contact: (972) 458-8001
Website: Visit Website

10) Buena Vista Restaurant & Club

Buena Vista Restaurant & Club is a definitely a hidden gem for those who love authentic Mexican food. Located in Dallas, it’s a place where you can enjoy traditional dishes made from fresh ingredients. The vibrant atmosphere makes it a perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends or family.

The menu offers a variety of Mexican and Latin American dishes. You can find everything from tacos and enchiladas to specialty items that showcase the rich flavors of the cuisine. Each dish is prepared with care, bringing a taste of Mexico to your plate.

Rating: 4.4 (428 reviews)
Location: 1804 Fort Worth Ave, Dallas, TX 75208
Contact: (214) 742-6911

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